Why so taboo?

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I feel like ranting right now so read at your own risk. :p

Man, what is with all the damn censoring and taboos of naked people everywhere? It's always like that, I'll be playing some game and there's is some half nude babe but never ever any naked ones.
It's not like I don't know how naked people look. Hey if I want to see what a naked man looks like I can just look at myself so why can't I see naked men in games? Oh but intense ultra gore is totally fine. Or a game that will scare you until you piss youself and vow never to play it again but as soon as there's some nude people or Celestia forbid, sex in a game it's gotta be censored or banned or some shit.

I want more naked people in my life damnit!

Alright, just needed to get that out of my system. Thankfully there are a select few exceptions to this but I just don't understand how something that EVERYONE does (sex) or EVERYONE knows (genitals) can be taboo in any way.
I should just move to Japan, they're not so damn stingy with sex.

Rant over.
Oh, and to the two people that read it, thanks for reading! :p
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