Where does the time go??

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well today is my 43 birthday. i can not believe how fast the years go by, just the other day i was black out drunk celebrating my 21 birthday LOL.
It is so funy how TIME is endless but yet it would seam we have so little of it! For so meany of us the years take our youth, engery and Health.
I had a good friend of mine tell me he stoped getting the news paper because more of his friends were in the obituaries then in the police blotter. The fun thing is the years are what give us our wisdom the down side to this is that the smarter we get the less physically our bodys can do with the knowledge.
Well sorry to be a downer but as i sit here at 3:30 am on my hot tube because my back and neck hurt to much to sleep i cant help but reflect on what life has both given to me and taken from me.
Well happy brithyday to All and my we all have meany more.
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