When she wiggles, she makes the Kidd holler for more...

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I am busy converting my favorite songs from vinyl albums to mp3s. Bunnie comes into the room and we reminisce about these songs. Many of them are from our high school, college, and twenty-something years.

When Bunnie hears the song "Undisco Kidd" by Funkadelic, she gets a wicked look in her eye.

"I remember you feeling me up in college to this song", she says smiling.

That was a pleasant memory. We had come back to my room after a movie, and someone in my dorm was blasting the song from their windows. As I heard the lyrics I started fondling Bunnie's tits and ass, she started quivering to the beat, and eventually it led to a fantastic fuck session.

"Ever since then, that song gets me horny", she continued. "And... I'll be right back. Don't you DARE leave this room!", she says, as she races out of the room.

I wait in curious anticipation. I know it will have something to do with sex, but wonder how it will manifest itself. In a few minutes, Bunnie calls out, before coming back into the room, "Put on that song again!"

I do, and as the intro plays ("Bad!... the girl is Bad!"), Bunnie struts into the room - and my eyes almost explode with delight :phat. She has let her hair down, and has changed into a sparkly mini dress that clings to her curves and barely goes below her ass and crotch. She is also wearing white fishnet pantyhose stockings (that I know are crotchless), and red high heels. She has a big smile on her face, and begins moving to the music.

I start to move to her, but she puts up her hand "Not yet, 'Kidd'... you have to wait to the end, just like the song. Just enjoy the sight for now...", Bunnie winks at me.

My eyes are totally taken by Bunnie's antics. As she moves and dances, she makes sure I am getting great views of her ass and tits in motion. He pulls up the dress to flash her ass and pussy at me, and fingers her pussy and then slowly lick her fingers while she dances. She fondles her tits, and on occasion pulls them out of her dress to squeeze them, point there hard nipples at me, then lick them.

She taking the song chorus to heart ("Move... your sexy body...") and is doing everything she can to show off her body to me. I am loving it. I unzip my pants to show her how hard my cock is. Bunnie keeps her eyes fixed on it, licking her lips then sitting or lying in positions to spread her legs as if saying "I want you to fuck me with you cock like this..."

Finally, the closing lines of the song comes on ("When she wiggles, she makes the Kidd holler for more...)" I close in on her, and we french kiss while grinding against each other. I have one hand on her tits and the other between her legs. She has got my cock in a death grip and strokes it. As the song fades out we move to a nearby couch and I start sucking on her tits. Bunnie makes happy sounds, keeping one hand on my cock while rubbing her pussy with the other. And it just gets better from there...

I love Bunnie's body. She may be turning 50 this year, but I love it even more than I first saw it in college. The funny thing is, it was not the first thing I noticed about her when I first met her. I was captivated by her face - so pretty, very pale, smooth skin, nice black hair, lovely big green eyes, and a very pleasant smile. The first time we spoke at length I could not stop looking at her face, it just struck me as so wonderful. At the time, Bunnie wore baggy outfits and campus - sweatshirts,/pants overalls, big coats, etc. - so I could not tell a lot about her figure. I thought she might be somewhat chubby - but frankly I tend to like women with some "meat" to them, so that was not a problem.

When we became "exclusive" to each other I still had not seen much of her body, but I had hugged and kissed her enough know that it felt soft and nice. Then one day we went on a group date with a bunch of friends to an amusement park. I will never forget waiting outside her dorm and seeing her come bouncing down the stairs wearing a tight tank top and shorts - WOW! Did my Bunnie ever curves on her - her chest had felt so soft because it was big (DD), she definitely had that waist-hip ratio that attracts looks, her ass was nice and round, and her legs were definitely shapely. I held her close to me all during that date. Several of my friends said to me later "I didn't know she was build like THAT!".

Later in our relationship Bunnie revealed to me that, she began developing a feminine body at age 12 and was a D cup by the time she was 14. Her mother essentially made sure she dressed in outfits that did not show her figure, and made her feel insecure about her body - perhaps to keep her from "showing it off". Various incidents in high school added to that insecurity and made her want to cover up even more. However, because she saw how much I liked her before I really knew how she was built, Her desire for me to see her body grew.

When we started getting sexually involved, the more I saw of her body, the more I loved it (Bunnie says she will never forget the first time I saw her tits exposed, she thought eyes would pop out with joy). Bunnie also began dressing much more sexy for me; over time her wardrobe added lots of short skirts/dresses and cleavage-revealing tops. She really enjoyed me feasting her eyes on her body, and that continues to this day. While she has "toned down" her dress in public somewhat due to her age and career (though she is still often mistaken for being 10-15 years younger than she is), on dates and in private she will still dress sexy around me. She likes to vacation in places like Las Vegas or romantic resorts; she feels much freer to dress sexy all the time in those places, since many other women are doing the same.

Her body, though, entices me not just by the its visual beauty, but what she likes to do with it. Bunnie loves to touch herself. She told me that as her breasts developed she liked to rub them, and was always curious to see if they would get big enough so that she could put the nipples in her mouth (they did). When we first started spending time naked together, I noticed she had a habit of stroking her pussy area while reading or relaxing. When I noticed and mentioned it, and first she became self conscious, thinking I would not like her doing this and that I might interpret it as me not keeping her satisfied. Over time she saw that I really like it, and now feels comfortable doing it even more for. And during sex... Bunnie goes wild. She loves to finger herself while she sucks my cock, and when she masturbates she likes me to hold her tits up to her face so she (or both of us) can suck them. When we are fucking and I am on top she will also shake her tits, tweak and suck her nipples, and when not rubbing parts of my body will rub parts of hers from the excitement.

Age will eventually affect us all, but that will not change my attitude. Bunnie stays physically active and her legs and ass are in great shape. Her tits may "sag" as compared to when she was 25, but so what? As far as I am concerned, that just means it is easier for her to suck them. We recently had a funny incident when I found Bunnie searching the web looking for "natural" pictures of women over 50 with big breasts, as she was concerned how her "sag" might compare to others. So we looked together and her concern turned to humor, which then led to a wonderful fuck session. After having kids her tummy is not what is was before kids, but I do not care - in fact I find it very erotic to see her "jiggle" and "shake" when I am really thrusting my cock in and out of her.:)

I will paraphrase a quote from the the movie "The Bachelor": It is a wonderful thing, as time goes by, to be with someone who looks at your body when you have gotten old, and still sees what you think your body looks like at its best. Bunnie says that even though she may be "old" in years, the way I am still so attracted to her body keeps her feeling like a "horny young thing" around me. I would not have it any other way. :D
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