When I was a bitch

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In my teens I wasn't always a nice person. Angry and didn't get along with others. Let's see, what do they call that again? Oh yeah..........a bitch. I'm now a much happier and healthier person but it was not the case back then. If I didn't like a girl, I fucked her boyfriend. I would cheat on my own boyfriends before they had a chance to hurt me first. I was able to justify all my crazy behavior and promiscuity by blaming others. Blah blah blah right?!

Anyway, when I was twenty-two I had a twenty year old roommate. She was a pretty little thing but holy balls she was spoiled! She never cooked or cleaned. She didn't have a badass TV to contribute to the apartment and never ever shared makeup or clothes! (She helped herself to my stuff whenever she wanted though). What she did have was an attractive boyfriend. They'd been high school sweethearts and were the nauseating couple other couples strive to be (you know the type. "We never fight or get mad or anything! We have sex every Tuesday night for exactly four minutes in the missionary position. After he cums prematurely into a washcloth, we both read the same book and fall asleep together." I hope you read that in the same sarcastic tone I wrote that in!)

I started flirting with him pretty early on. I laughed like an idiot, complimented him, touched him whenever I could. He ate that shit up because his own girlfriend was a prude. When she first moved in, I thought they were into some kinky stuff. I saw what I assumed was a French tickler. Turned out that every Tuesday, the boyfriend would use the feathers to dust off my roommate's dry vagina to get his four minutes (ok, I may have made that part up). I thought I was going to hear some good sex noises to masturbate to while I listened from my room. Not the case. The bed squeaked a few times and that was it!

Not long after she moved in, we our boyfriends over and the four of us got drunk. I found out during slurred conversation that she didn't give her man head. Ever. Yeah, that's the kind of bitch I was dealing with people. She said it was degrading. Shut the fuck up..........it's sex! Sex is amazing!

After that night, I began walking around in just my panties while he was over. It drove her crazy! She used to get so mad at me for that. But, I was a bitch too so I didn't care.

One night her boyfriend was over for dinner we all wound up pretty drunk. I was flirting my little ass off.

Side note: My roommate took ambien and when she fell asleep, nothing woke that chick up. Unless of course she was sleep walking. In which case she would wind up in my room at three in the morning asking to play scrabble (unfortunately, that part is true). That has to be the closest anyone has ever been to being bludgeoned to death with a scrabble board.

Those two got up to go bed but before they went into her room, I was able to catch her boyfriend's eye and motioned for him to come back out into the living room. Which he did once little missy passed the fuck out.

He acted like he didn't know why I made that motion when he returned to the living room. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his dick since she never did. He actually started to object which was totally adorable. I got his dick out no problem.

He was already hard and I was slightly disappointed. You guessed it folks, small wee wee. Oh well. The rest of him looked good. I gave him a porn star quality blowjob until he came in my mouth. If you're like me and thought the four minute Tuesday sex was fast, you should've seen the speed from a bj! He came so fast. I felt like I hadn't even hit my dick sucking stride when he started convulsing and grabbed the back of my head. I swallowed because I wanted him to have the full experience.

Over the next five months or so, we fucked whenever we got the chance. He would show up at the apartment before my roomie was off work. We'd have sex, then he'd go wait in her room for her. She thought he was being respectful of my space by waiting in her bedroom. She didn't suspect anything. That is, not until he told her!

That motherfucker got super jealous of one of her coworkers and in a fit of rage, blurted out that he'd been fucking me! Awesome.

I walked into my apartment one evening to a delirious roommate screaming incoherently at me. She called me every name she could think of before she stormed out. All her stuff was gone the next day when I got home from work. I never even talked to her boyfriend again which is a shame because he was starting to get pretty good in bed. Oh well.

Oh yeah, roomie called my boyfriend and told him all (no surprise there). He actually didn't even seem all that upset when he broke up with me so maybe he was ready to be done and that was his perfect excuse.

That's all for now friends!
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