What I want in a woman

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1. she must be quiet and unassuming

2. she must be intelligent and have a good standard of education and be able to hold a good conversation on any level with anyone she comes into contact in his daily life.

3. Good mannered in all respects. Notwithstanding this day of equality, I want him to e.g.
a. Hold the door for me - Car, particularly if she is taking me out for the night and I have dressed especially for the evening: House door, and make sure I am safely inside. By this she must not be flamboyant in her approach, so that it looks unnatural, but do this as a matter of course as it flows from her upbringing.
b. Stand up when a man enters the room.
c. Hold the chair for me at dinner particularly when out at a restaurant.
d. See me to the door after a night out and make sure I am safely in.
e. Not embarrass me in front of friends, family and neighbors, e.g. shouting to me in the street "well, are you coming in?" and letting everyone know we are having a row.

4. Not to treat me like a sex object

5. Not to treat me like a possession i.e a car, tv, dog etc.

6. Not to take me out just to show off to friends and outsiders "look what I have".

7. Treat me as an equal.

8. she must trust me in all things and not be suspicious of my motives and she must be trustworthy.

9. Not assume that I will always fall in with her plans

10. Talk matters through with me first and consider, and most of all, value my opinions, after all, she should want a partnership and not a matriarchy.

11. Not to be domineering and have the need to show all and sundry that "I am the woman, and I wear the trousers!"

12. she must respect me as a person, intellectually.

13. she must be forgiving.

14. she must be slow to anger.

15. she must love me unreservedly.
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