What have I done to deserve her?

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It is morning, and I am taking a shower, getting ready for work. Bunnie and I had great sex last light, and just thinking about it I start to harden again. It is a pleasant feeling - but work calls.

When I get back to the bedroom. Bunnie is awake - she is an early riser, even though today she leaves later than me - and reading. She looks at me and smiles, then notices that I'm somewhat hard.

"Is that what I think it is?", she says. "After all the fun last night, you're not done?"

"When I think about it and about you, this is what happens", I chuckle, as I start getting dressed. I'm beginning to focus on the day ahead, which I know will soon kill my arousal.

"I can't let you go out like that. You'll give off 'horny vibes' and be uncomfortable all day. Do you want me to do anything for you?"

"Thanks hon... but I'll be okay. By the time I get to work and walk around, I'll be calm", I respond like an idiot.

Bunnie takes the bed covers off - she's naked, as always in the morning - and kneels on the bed in a doggy style position, her ass pointing towards me. She reaches one hand between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy. "Sure you don't want to stick it in? This is your last chance..."

That sight gets me even harder. I may be an idiot, but I am not a fool. I quickly slip my pants and underwear off, move behind her, and stick my cock in her pussy - she's wet, and it slides in fine. We rapidly screw, and we both cum quickly.

After I move out Bunnie lays on her back, with a little smile on her face. I get dressed and we kiss before I leave "Now I feel much better", she says to me.

On the way to work, I can only think: What have I done to deserve her?

Many people ask themselves that question when something bad happens to them. I tend to ask it when something good that I do not expect happens to me. I am not a miserable, depressed person; I I tend to be easy going, confident, not a worrier, and generally have a positive outlook on life. But I continue to be amazed not just at my wife's sexuality, but how much joy she gets from giving me access to that sexuality and getting whatever I want from it. That morning was one example - and a mild one - of how she acts around me when it comes to sex.

I think I am a good husband - at least I try. I feel presumptuous to claim that without into from others. My philosophy is, if you ask me if I am a good husband, I will tell you to go ask my wife and see what she says. If you ask me if I am a good father, I will tell you to go ask my kids and see what they say. Same with friends. The biggest (and most difficult) things I attempt in my relationships is (a) being honest and (b) not being a hypocrite.

I am "old fashioned" in that I believe that a man should try to protect and nurture the woman he loves, and not take her for granted. I also have the "old fashioned" view that in marriage I am the one primary responsible for providing a home, income to live on, and to make the family feel secure and protected. However, I do not object when Bunnie wants to work, or do something independent. I am not into marriage "roles" - Whatever role needs to be done to maintain and improve our marriage, I will try. I am very easy going about things, and there are very few issue I will choose to take a stand on. Overall, I want Bunnie to feel that being married to me is (and continues to be) a great choice, and not an "obligation". I have always felt that spouses who expect their mates to do something just "because we are married" can easily slide into marital abuse. I don't want Bunnie to feel that she is "stuck" in marriage, I want her to choose to be (and stay) married to me.

I did not have high expectations regarding sex. I knew Bunnie liked sex; we were both virgins when we met, and when we started getting intimate I saw her growing "fascination" with it (more on that in future posts). When we married (a little more than 4 years after we started dating), we had done lots of sexual activity. The prevalent perception at the time was "sex in marriage is boring and not much fun". However, I wanted to marry Bunnie for more than just sex, there were many other reasons. My attitude was - whatever happens, happens, I still want to spend my life with her.So as the marriage went on I was continually surprised (and happy) at Bunnie's continued and growing sexuality, and the sex did not become boring. When we hit a rough spot (as all marriage do), and I started taking her for granted, that (along with some other issues that we avoided instead of faced) could have imperiled our marriage. Fortunately we both realized before it was too late that we really wanted our marriage to work. We went to counseling, and started communicating again with each other. That is when I really found even more about about Bunnie's deep sexual desires - and then I started to come up with "creative ideas" to nurture that desire. Things just exploded (in a VERY good way) after that.

I will use this blog to as a place for reflection, and to try to organize my thoughts. Maybe these will help others. Because this is anonymous you will just have to trust me on that I am telling the truth - but I totally understand of one is skeptical about the things I discuss.

P.S. I called Bunnie in the early afternoon on the aforementioned day, to see how things were going. She was not having a good day, lots of running around and dealing with her work and volunteer projects. But she also said "if you hadn't treated me so 'nice' this morning, my day would a lot worse - that memory is what is keeping me going". Such an amazing wife!
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