Wet.....our first.

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It was a cold december night, long before the first tree fell. We huddled together under the thick blanket cover, ice on the windows. Just a few minutes earlier we had been embroiled in a passionate tangle.

My roomie asked who you were, I answered....."she is mine, she's staying here tonight.....that is all you need know".

The night wore on as all drank the rum and cokes offered and vanished as well as crashed. I led you into my room, cluttered but well kept. I had been in love with you since I was seventeen, but this was my first taste of you as an adult.......I was then 24, you were 26....

I was entranced, I lay you down and started to explore, your soft belly exposed as I roamed. You smelled so sweetly, your panties gradually becoming a goal. I had not actually tasted your breasts yet......feeling them over your sweater. You are a beautiful woman, truly.

As you lay back, your hair spread like dropped flowers, your soft curves swayed on the bed, your lips parted. I felt the magic of my previous crush. You were spectacular. Black hair, black eyes, writhing hips, black pubic hair around your soft heaven. I have never wanted a woman as I did in that moment, you were everything to me.

I stripped and lay on you lightly...waiting for your response,.....it came in the form of pelvic thrusts and moans....as we kissed, it was clear.

There was fire, it was beyond anything that can be described. You are me, I am you in that moment. We have become one.

I backed off, letting my lips drift downward to your tits.......your nipples responding. I passed them and moved to your belly as your hands found my hair.Your hands rushing through my hair, I kissed you all the way down to your black pubic hair......smelling your sex now.

I was lost, smelling your sex was what sent me into wild mode. I gripped your ass and went for broke deep inside your sweet, secret sex.............mmmmmm....muffled were my vocalizations. drowning in your pussy.

You bucked and wriggled....moaning as you do, then without warning....

you squirted down my throat, I choked.......I was coughing....trying to recover.....

You apologized, as I regained my composure.....

"no baby, no need, just an accident"...I chortled.

I went back to work,....my woman's sweet pussy, wet with more orgasms....

Gawd, she tasted sooo good. She is/was/always will be.................mine.

I ate her that night for hours, then......

I mounted her and rode for home.....cumming
deep in her sweet pussy.

Still LOVE HER...........still.
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