Wax on - Wax off

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I got everything waxed today, I was going to leave it another week because usually I wait till I have a fair amount of stubble. But I was reading a post today about shaving your pubes and I remembered that the girl I had last time said that I didn't have to wait that she'd be able to do it at any stage. So I booked myself in this evening.

I'm mad about this new girl, she doesn't try to make idle chat totally professional and in less than half the time the old girl took.

Anywho hubby was a bit miffed when he got home he saw me lounging around in a rugby top and he guessed. He's not keen on me removing my pubes. we had an arguement a few months ago ,when my sister in law noticed at the gym and started mouthing off about it weirdo that she is. At the time I was in kind of two minds about it but now that its an issue I refuse to back down.

I started shaving my pubes when I joined the army, some of the girls were already doing it but when my cpl said that she did just because it was easier to clean yourself when you were on exercise I just took it as gospel so my first weekend off I got my bf to do it for me presuming he'd have some knowledge of shaving. I also nicked a load of his boxers agains on my cpl's advice cause they're more comfy on exercise plus with the buttons on the front you can get at yourself to clean without having to pull everything down.

Anywho it was a lot easier to clean myself pubes are sweat and dirt magnets if you shave you can just give yourself a quick clean with a babywipe plus guys go crazy about it which at 16 is no small thing.

I'm 29 now and I just don't want to look in the mirror and see something different looking back, plus my pubes are like wire. Anywho my hubbie stared at me distracted for a little bit but decided it wasn't worth the arguement
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