Wannabe. So much it hurts

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Could I possibly have chosen a more stupid name? The person I might want to be but not the person I am. Or maybe just a person I'd despise. Someone who talks out of school. Someone who hides.

I have picture of her in my head. She has that white dress on. I don't know exactly when it was, now - the particular day that comes back to me, when I'm on my own sofa, at home. She's on that couch, his couch, and it's fawny coloured. It has those pretty embroidered cushions that are so not his. From his mum I think. His mum would give that bitch such a spanking. Lying there, with her dirty cowboy boots all over them. If they were mine, with... she moves her leg. Sinks one of her heels deep into the softness. If that was mine...

He's cum on those boots. I just know he has. The same as he's come on her tits, which would't be hard. I can near enough see them. He's cum.... She knows I know it, or she knows I think it, and she thinks... She thinks everyone in every room, everyone in the street, is going to want to eat her out. At least, that's the way she acts and she thinks there's people who want to taste on that self-assurance. To have her sit on their face and let it flood into their mouths. To fight for breath in all the wetness as she moans. She won't even tell you - go harder, harder. She knows it's going to happen that way.

His mum's visited. His mum actually fucking likes her. But his mum probably doesn't want to do what I want to do.

I want her to sit and play with that phone, while I lick his cum off those boots she's wearing. The cum that I want inside me, that he unloads onto the floor as a tribute where sooner or later it ends up all over her feet... I want to hold his cock, to have it in my mouth, to bring him right to almost there and then.... let it jerk wherever... kiss and lick his creamy jizz, from whatever bits of her it lands on. Or from the sofa, or even suck it from a rug. The rug that her boots have stepped all over, or the one that they haven't.

Fuck it. I'll beg. Let me lick that pussy.

Oh, you lovely bitch. Thank you. She's put down the phone.

I'm on the floor. They're above me. Her, and him. Their feet, either side. Both naked, except the for the cowboy boots. I don't know why it's those. It just is. Something about all of that soft, curvy browned skin and how it looks... Something about how often she wears them, and how it shows...something about that she line dances.... Those boots are so, so close. She treads on my hair. He's kinda fucking her, and she's treading on my hair. It's part of the rug now.

She moans. She lifts her foot. I think she's actually going to press the sole of her boot into my face. Fuck, maybe both boots are coming. But she doesn't. Because realizes she doesn't want to squat where a dirty boot has just been, more than likely. Cum drips on me. A mix. His, and hers. I think.

Finally, she kneels. Her ass comes down on my face. Her pussy is so, so wet. His cum and her come.

Oh God baby I'm...


Proud of who I am. Even if I find it hard to say so.
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