Unexpected Encounter

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This was just after high school my friends and I had planned a day out at the beach but when the day arrived for the outing. only two of the girls and I showed up. the others we later found out all had to work or had to do things with their families. Well after about an hour of waiting the three of us decided to just enjoy being at the beach together and headed to the "oasis" to change into our swimsuits. When we met back up I was very pleasantly surprised at what I saw as both girls had very sexy bikinis on and I had a hard time hiding the effect they had on me. but soon we were all splashing around in the water or taking short breaks to sun ourselfs. Around 6 that evening we decided to go get some dinner and then go to one of the girls house afterwards. Well we went and got changed again and headed to the restaurant we always hung out at. but we were the only ones there so after dinner we went to, I'll call her Mel, Mel's house and found out that her parents had left for the day and were not expecting to come home till the morning. So the three of us got comfortable in front of the TV and popped in a movie to watch. Well about half way through the movie Mel and ,I'll call her Kim, pulled off their shirts and I saw that they had kept their bikini tops on. So I pulled off my shirt and we finish watching the movie. Mel then smiled at me and got up and sat next to me on the couch and then kissed me. Then Kim sat on the other side and when Mel was done kissing me turned my head to her and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around both girls and slid my hands into their bikini tops and softly started to fondle their tits. Both girls s unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock as the slowly stroked it.

Mell looked at Kim and smiled as she lowered her head and said this is how you give a guy a blowjob. then she licked the head of my cock a few times before she slowly slid her mouth half way down my cock . Then she slowly moved her head up and down my cock getting farther down with each bob of her head. I ran my hand across Mel's back and found the tie to her bikini top and pulled it so it came undone. I then reached under Mel and fondled her tits as she gave me a very nice slow blowjob. Then Mel sat up and looked at Kim as she said, now it's your turn. just take it slow. and you'll feel how much he likes tit. Kim then hesitantly bent over my cock and at first she just likced the head and shaft of my cock before she slid the tip of my cock into her mouth and sucked. Mel removed her top and then helped me take kim's top off of her as we both caressed and fondled her tits. Mel smiled at me and then kissed my as Kim slowly slid my cock into her mouth and down the shaft of my cock till I felt her nose brush against my balls. Mel looked down at Kim and smiled as she remarked, that is it take his cock all the way . then Mel Went back to kissing me as she reached between my legs and gently fondled my balls as Kim slid her mouth up and down my cock. I reach down Mels bare back and slid my hand into her shorts and discovered that she wasn't wearing anything unde them. I reached farther into her shorts and found her wet pussy and slid a finger into her and slowly finger fucked her. Mel then reached over and unbuttoned her short to let me get a better angle. then reached over and slid Kim's shorts down to her knees and both mel and I slid fingers into Kim and fucked her . As our fingers entered Kim she gasped as she got very wet. Soon both Kim and Mel shuddered as they started to cum. Mel gasping told kim to stop sucking on my cock and then with one quick gulp swallowed my cock just as I started to cum. after swallowing my cum Mel then had Kim suck and lick my cock clean.

Mel and Kim then softly stroked my cock till it was hard again and mel stepped out of her shorts straddled my waist and grabbed my cock and told Kim to watch how she slid my cock into her pussy. them as Kim pulled my jeans off of me Mel slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Then she started to slowly grind back and forth as she kissed me Kim then reached up and gently caressed my balls as Mel Start to bounce up and down on my cock going faster and faster ti she grabbed my shoulders and shuddered as she started to cum around my cock . then when she was done . she slid off my still hard cock and swallowed it to my balls as she cleaned off her cum from my cock. then Kim looking at Mel climbed on to my lap. She looked at my face and whispered is it okay? I smiled and just kissed her lips as I set her on to the tip of my cock. She reached between us and positioned my cock against the opening of her dripping we pussy and slowly wiggled herself down my cock. I looked at her and then Mel as she shuddered. I asked, are you okay Kim. she smiled and replied, your bigger then what I am use to is all. Kim then said,This is amazing. As she slowly bounced on my cock. Mel then went under both of us and started to lick my balls as Kimm bounced harder and faster on my cock. then Kim yelled out as her pussy clamped onto my cock as she came hard. her body shuddering so hard her tits jiggled. then she collapsed against me a panting. then she gave me a kiss and said, So that is what it is like to cum. Mel smiled as she then said well now that He gave us a shuddering orgasm. we should let him cum as well. so lets go up to my room and finish there.

We all grabbed our clothes and headed up to Mel's room. then Mel laid Kim on her bed and climbed on to Kim till both girls pussies were next to each other. Mel then looked back and remarked, We are ready so just start were ever you want to. I smiled and then knelt down between the girls legs and starting with Mel I licked and sucked on their clits as I finger fucked both girls till the shuddered and covered my fingers with their cum. Then I stood up and placed my cock against Mel's pussy and then with a hard thrust slid into her pussy. I then pounded Mel's pussy for a few strokes then switched to Kim's pussy I alternate between both Mel and Kim till both shuddered a second time as they came. then both Mel and Kim turned around and stated to lick and suck on my cock till I couldn't hold back any more. Letting both girls know I was about to cum Kim started stroking my cock faster as she held the tip against Mel's mouth. I then started to cum into Mel's mouth then Kim switched to her mouth between spurts of cum and both girls swallowed my cum. We all three plopped onto Mel's bed naked and smiled at each other. Mel gave out a tired chuckle as she remarked, Well the others don't know what they are missing. We fuck a few more time that night before I took Kim home for the night.
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