Ugh, just go away :'(

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So, once again, the "clut" my husband slept with reared her ugly head. I hate working in my town, I work fast food, and it seems the only time she ever shows up, is when I'm working. Just when I feel like I'm ok, and I put it in the back of my mind where I don't think about it daily, that seems to be when she shows up. I have seen her quite a bit lately, and after last night, I can't take it anymore. We live in a small town, and the possibility of running into her is a daily threat. So, we agreed to move. We are going to be moving about an hour and a half away, up near my brother and sister, after I finish this last year of undergrad. I will be entering Grad school at one of the two universities up near where we will be living. Our parents are not going to be pleased, as it means taking the grandkids away, but I can't work on my marriage and my relationship with my husband, with the constant vomit-inducing, gut-clenching run-ins. Its not fair, and I'm not doing it anymore.
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