Typically summer day

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Floating around in the pool add me so horny I figured I'd go inside and shower and watch one of my pornos.
That's perfect, my son had gone next door to his buddies..

After a nice shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to my husband's den to shift through our videos.
Our library contained 20 videos so far of me with other men recorded with the camera my husband mounted in our bedroom..
I documented my sexual adventures for him to watch later..
I noticed two missing.. To my horror the tapes where with his best friend the summer her returned from college.
I had just saw them there yesterday..
Not exactly sure what to do I decided to check my son's room..
Sure enough one was in his player the other on his desk.
A knot grew in My stomach as I realized his buddy spend the night last night..
They must have watched them..
I grabbed both and returned to my bedroom .
I inserted one the player before stretching out on the bed and fingering myself to sleep..
I woke startled when I felt something warm between my legs..I lay still as two months started licking and sucking my boobs and pussy.
I lay still as the pushed my legs open and mounted me..
I keep my eyes closed not wanting to know..
I left the heat of his manhood push my pussy lips apart..
I knew this feeling and pushed my hips to meet his..
Then he pulled out giving his buddy a turn..
I felt his shaft and opened my mouth to receive him..
Reaching up with my hand I pumped his shaft while sucking his head before h e unloaded in my mouth..
This put me over the edge and I rapidly met the thrusts of the others cock a enjoyed a massive orgasm..
One more video for our collection.
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