Twilight Haters

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I'm going to go and see both of the movies for Breaking Dawn.

The basis people generally associate with for disliking Twilight is trite. It's a movie with a hackneyed plot just like every other representation of media. The stakes for fame are easily obtained and thus relatively any one can become an over night star. The actors aren't phenomenal, the author over uses the word "murmur" and Bella Swan's character is annoying.

With all of that granted, I will enjoy watching it. So what the vampires sparkle in the sun light. I didn't notice any one complaining when Andy's toys came to life, drove a plot, interacted with the world around them, and thwarted a viscously sadistic toy tyrant.

Chances are, there won't be a novel movie idea for quite some time. So I'd earnestly suggest those who dislike it either watch it and enjoy or don't watch it and "chut da fuck'up" about it.
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