True Story from back in the day

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This is a true story of my nympho girlfriend and me in the late 1990's. Charlie is one of my best friends.

Charlie Tracy and I went to the club to dance. I whispered in her ear "you're going to suck Charlie's cock tonight". She whispered back "no I'm not".

We arrived late, the club was dead. We bought a drink and stood by the almost empty dance floor. I stood next to Tracy reached over and lightly rubbed her ass for a second then whisper into her ear "you like how hard my cock gets when I see you being naughty" she giggled and turned away.

Nothing was going on so we headed back home. Charlie drove and Tracy was sitting in the middle and I was on the other side. The ride home was dark.

I leaned over and whispered again softly into Tracy's ear. Think about how hard it feels in your mouth. How sometimes you can actually feel it throbbing against your tongue.

In the darkness I could barely see her hand slowly move from her side to her lap.

I continued to whisper to her. It turns you on, that you can make a man get so hard.
You feel in control when you hear him beg for more. You feel powerful when you make him lose control.

In the flickering light of the passing streetlights I could see her eyes as they slowly closed and her mouth subtlety open before she nibbled on her bottom lip.

Eventually we arrived home and relaxed into the living room area. I had a corner couch we sat on one end of it and Charlie sat on the other end playing the Xbox.

I whispered suck my cock baby.... right here. She looked at Charlie then looked at me.

She proceeded to get on her knees between my legs pull out my cock and began giving me head.

Charlie noticed instantly he looked at her, watched her bob up and down a couple times, then he went back to playing his video game.
She gave me head in front of him for about 5 minutes before I pulled her up on my lap and reached out to put my hands on her ass slowly raising her mini skirt to her waist.

Leaving it there then sliding my hands back down to her exposed sexy ass giving Charlie a clear view. He was trying not to look as I raised my pelvis up and down dry humping her, squeezing her ass.

I slid her G-string over she lifted a bit as I pushed my cock up into her. Pulling her close so Charlie could see her pussy as I fucked her.

Charlie sighed and got up to go smoke. He was gone for about 3 minute.

In his absence I repeated that she was going to suck Charlie's cock tonight and she responded yes. I started pumping my cock faster into her.

Charlie came back into the house but instead of playing the Xbox he laid down with his feet extended all way out towards our part of the couch.

He got comfortable and just looked directly at us and watched as I fucked her. I wanted to show off her nice tits, so I pulled the top of her dress down exposing her big titties, squeezing them as I fucked her.

I repositioned her doggy style her skirt way over her ass. Every time I stroked into her I physically pushed her forward just a little. She had to readjust her hands.

Then I did it again slowly moving her towards Charlie's legs. Soon she was so close to his legs there was nowhere left to go.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, when you get too close reach out for balance and put your hand down on his cock.

I pushed her forward again, having nowhere to go she put one hand on his leg and the other directly on the bulge in his pants.

Charlie had no idea he was going to be in a threesome tonight but he caught on as he very quickly started unbuckling his pants while she rubbed his bulge.

He pulled his hard cock out, she lowered her head as his dick drew near she began licking around his cock-head. I was close enough to see each time she licked him his dickhead would swell.

I heard him whisper yes, do it. Then she lowered her lips over his cock-head and down around his shaft taking him in as far as she could.

I watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth, she started sucking him up and down stopping occasionally to rub her lips down the outside of his shaft. The faster she sucked him the faster I fucked her, my cock was so hard.

He started saying easy, easy you're going to make me cum. Then she wrapped her fingers tighter around his cock and stroked him as she went down on him.

I heard him moan I going to cum and watched as she continued to pump him then she pulled his cock out as he blew a load of cum on his stomach.

Watching her suck him to orgasm took me over the line and I pulled out just in time to shoot a stream of cum across her back. (Tracy could still get pregnant).

I wiped her off with a towel, and they went out to smoke I followed.
When we returned we went into the bedroom. Tracy reached out with both hands and grabbed our cocks so we stood still.

She got on her knees and proceeded to suck our cocks continually switching until we were both rock hard. Then she got on the bed and motioned me to sit next to her. As I sat she spread her legs wide and gave Charlie the "come here signal".

He immediately got between her legs and brought his cock up to her pussy. At the last moment possible she reached down and covered her pussy with her hand. Telling him "promise me"... what... he said "You cannot cum inside me! Promise you won't! Promise you will remember when it's time!"

He said I promise I will pull out. She removed her hand and he rubbed his cock up and down her slit then quickly sunk it all the way up in her. He pulled her legs up over his arms, and was fucking her slowly. She turned her head and began sucking my cock.

She sucked me off and on for about ten minutes depending on how he was fucking her. After while he was pumping into her real fast. I heard her start to repeat "DON'T CUM IN ME" over and over. Then he whispered I'm cuming and pulled out cuming on her belly. She wiped off quickly as I took his place and started fucking her.

Charley took my place and she turned her head and started sucking him. It looked so hot the way his cock was in her mouth.

Before long I couldn't hold back and came on her belly. Charlie went home, Tracy and I talked about what happened that night and had sex again.
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