To shave or not?

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Some years ago, I first read about “smoothie” clubs in the Netherlands, where couples who like to shave their pubes would get together and socialize, in the nude of course. At the time, I thought that it was an unusual basis for a club. I've heard that some of these clubs still exist, in the UK as well as NL.

Here in the United States, I first saw pubic and genital shaving in porn films. I idea, of course, was to show even minor details of a cock and pussy as they fucked for the camera. Now, porn films with pubic hair look rather antiquated.

When I first became a social nudist, most of us trimmed our pubes, but not many were completely bare. I started shaving my pubes, cock, and balls several years ago and really like it. In recent years, I have noticed that nearly half of the members of my nudist club, both men and women Tanned and shaved.JPG are completely shaved there.

So, what is the attraction? As a nudist, I like being completely smooth there, especially when I have an all-over tan. Some guys like that their cock looks a bit longer because one end of it is no longer hidden in the bushes. A shaved pussy is attractive, no matter how old the woman is.

Of course, there are sexual reasons that some people like to stay bare down there. Oral sex is the obvious reason. Some women like to say that sucking a guy's cock with no hair in the way is the best, and any guy who likes to give oral loves a shaved pussy, with no hair in the way of those pussy lips and clit. At the naturist city, Cap d'Agde in France, many nudists who are also swingers like to vacation there. I am told that virtually all of the swingers shave their pubes and genitals.

To shave or not is a personal preference, just as growing a beard or mustache is for a man. Personally, I don't think that it's a passing fad, any more than shaving your face is.
Some people find that pubic hair is erotic, and, of course, they should keep it.
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