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I am not a very sexual person. Sex has never been a very important thing for me. Now i know my content would say other wise but within the last little while i have been given hormones by my doctor and my sex drive has spiked. I desire touch much more often now. I want to ride a cock till my legs are weak i wany a lady between my legs making me cum time and time again. I want to suck on a woman's tits or eat her pussy till she screams my name. I want a man to cum all over my tits. There are so many things I desire more often now.
I would love to find someone to fuck me till the sun rises but quite frankly the thought of meeting a stranger is horrifying and i would never ever ask a friend to fuck me. There are so few people I would trust to have sex with and I am quite frankly scared of the relationship changing past friendship more then I am of not having sex.

But these are just thoughts.
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