The Walk

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A man, rugged from heat and desert wear, from back in a time of Ancients
Stopped on the side of the road and told me a story of his walk with Patience
“Son,” he said,”Someday we will get to the end of life and look back,
and we will try to piece together everything we can, filling in every crack,
Patience will be your companion through every trying time you have
and she will be there to hold up your head when you feel like a halve.”

“The story that you seek is that of happiness, but what do you truly seek?
Happiness is not found in a deserted heart, but one that leaps up and speaks
Of love and joy, that flutters in anticipation of someone new to hold
A heart that is warm as a mid summer night, looking out, being bold
Going for what it desires, taking one small step, walking straight as a dart
Making mistakes, Getting set back by those who don’t have your heart.”

“Son, it makes a man stronger, with each passing minute, every thing bad in life,
no matter what bad entails, a Great Heart will always feel it can overcome strife,
so look inside yourself, and you’ll see a great heart, one fashioned by pain,
one that steps up to the pain, and says today, I overcome, and this I will gain;
The world the way you should have it, perfect in everyway that you deserve
and people will take notice, and the pain will go away, Happiness is in reserve.”

He brushed off his dusty cowboy hat, put it on and smiled at me,
chew dripping out the corner of his mouth, beard gray and eyes blue as the sea,
a few teeth left, but most gone, and an old nag to ride, stood standing beside him
“Son, so you know the end of pain is the great beginning of life, at the end ask for Jim.”
With a flash of speed unknown to man, he hopped on the nag and galloped away,
Out of my sight within moments, leaving my to ponder the story, watching cacti sway.

What I know about myself, is my heart is a beautiful place, broken and mended,
repaired and destroyed many times.
My heart becomes a place for me to get away, to retreat in and gain back power, no matter any perpetrators of crime.
The things that make me feel down, just make me stronger in the long run, and it makes me just that much better.
I am empowered by the story the old man Jim told me, and from here on I will do what I can to follow it to the letter.
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