The US and the Penises it Sucks

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People are acting as if all that matters in this country, during this crisis, is their genitals and a cheap salutation. 9/11/2001 was terrible, but it did not affect so many, at one time, people as this economic down turn will. If NOTHING else we should learn fiscal responsibility. We should have bloody well learned it from the great depression. Hell, we should already have it intrinsically instilled within us. It's unacceptable what is occurring in congress. They're a bunch of toddlers who are searching for the correct verbiage to cement their namesake in the US history books. You guys aren't Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock. Who cares what memorable quotes you make, or what ineffective law you try to put in place. DO something that will work. We have two years until we get bumped down to a A. "America always was and always will be a AAA+ country." So... I guess Seele always WAS and always WILL be a good looking man. That isn't how life works. Germany, Russia, even the US of A aren't really super powers any more. We need to eradicate the 1940's and 50's paradigm we have and strive to reproduce a flowing economy.


Bill 11110

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