The Secretary

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image.jpeg She knew what effect she had on me when she started working as my secretary a couple of weeks ago.
Whenever she walked into my office my eyes glazed over and she always caught me looking at places that I shouldn't, her lovely ass, those long legs with heels and stockings, or at her firm tits which she seemed to be very proud of.

But she was always aloof and quite prim and proper so I just assumed it was my little fantasy.
Yesterday I had to close a deal so I asked her if she would mind working late to help me out. She said she would and there we were, the only people in the office but unfortunately for me because of my workload I wasn't thinking of taking advantage of the situation.
I finished at about 11pm and when I put the phone down I leaned back on my chair and stretched looking out my door to the main office. I was about to tell her to go home when I saw her sitting at her desk looking directly at me.

I just stared at her stockinged legs and my eyes wandered up to the flash of thigh. I couldn't believe it, here she was actually flashing her thigh and panties to me after all this time.
She got up and turned around before bending over her chair showing me her lovely panty covered ass and stocking tops.

I got up from my desk and walked over placing a hand over one of her firm cheeks and squeezing it. She looked around and just smiled. I peeled off her panties revealing her lovely smooth and clearly wet pussy.

She then stated in a very demanding voice that under no circumstances would I be fucking her but I was more than welcome to lick her.
I was slightly disappointed as my cock was stretching my trousers and I had fantasised about taking her in my office for so long but I nodded and bent down to her sweet pussy.
I held her cheeks apart and started licking gently. I licked from her lovely pussy lips all the way up to her tight arsehole and back savouring her taste. I then focused on her pussy and started to lick a little more purposefully, letting my tongue open her lips. She was clearly enjoying my work as her juices started to flow onto my tongue and soon it was inside her.
My tongue flicked and probed deeper and deeper. She was moaning loudly and when I flicked her swollen clit she gasped and told me to suck it and put a finger inside her.
I decided I needed my own relief so I took out my cock and started jerking with my free hand, slipping a finger inside her wet pussy and sucking her clit.
All of a sudden she screamed and squirted juices all over my face as she orgasmed. Her pussy clenched around my finger as she convulsed.
She stood up and looked down at me and told me that in return for my efforts she would finish me off.
She lifted a leg onto the chair and took my cock in her hand and began to wank it furiously.

I knew I wouldn't last long and as she jerked me she rubbed my cock over her stockinged thigh.
In no time at all I was cumming, spurting my load all over her leg.
She wiped her hand on my trousers, pointed at the mess I'd made and in a stern voice said "Now clean that up".
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