The Pope and the gull

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I'm doing some volunteer work at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, while waiting for my work permit to arrive.

Today, our curator who is responsible for the bird collections got an "urgent" call. As the white smoke went up from the chimney in the Vatican, and the new pope was (about to be?) declared, a seagull landed on the very same chimney. The caller was from some radio station that wanted to know: what sort of seagull is this? what was it doing so far from the sea? is this very unusual? would the curator be willing to do a live interview? etc etc

It made us chuckle a little. Gulls can eat almost anything, and are frequently found far from the sea. I sort of got the feeling that what they wanted the poor curator to say was "this is highly unusual, maybe a miracle!". I also think it's a bit ....sad(?) that people seem so desperate for the supernatural at times. Nothing new there, just sayin'. :)
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