The Hammer Fell...

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and the light bulb came on. We'll file this under "Blue Lizard Finally Gets A Clue".

As I have mentioned in posts on the Forum, I was in two very sexless marriages. One that I let go on for way too long, hoping it would get better (it didn't). And one that was to an alcoholic (my fault...I knew when we married she had a problem). She died seven years into the marriage of cancer.

Then came Dreamer. We met through a couple of on-line dating sites. One for "nice people" very much for adults. I contacted her...she gave me her phone number...I called her...we talked...for 3 1/2 hours we talked!

We talked mostly about what we didn't want in a relationship. We have both had our share of drunks and druggies...and knew never again. (Full disclosure here...I drink but not to the point of being drunk)

As you would assume from finding somebody on an adult dating site, the talk turned to sex. And Dreamer told me her first lie.

"I might be a little bit of a nympho," she told me.

What a fucking lie that whopper was! "Little nympho" my ass...she is all nympho!

She was not the first woman to act the slut part when I first got together with someone. It was sex...all the time. Then came the wedding ring and the "I Do" part.

Through my years of experience, it was not "I Do" they were saying. It was "IDEWA" in "I Don't Ever Wanna Again". I wasn't paying attention.

Dreamer told me early on she would never tell me "no" to sex, never use sex as a weapon or refuse me any sexual request I made.

Ladies and Gentleman...I've heard that shit before. And it was always a lie. The other day, the hammer fell. I got a clue!

What Dreamer told me almost 4 years ago was...and is...the truth. Whenever, wherever, however I want her is fine with her.

The realization came the other day when I got home from work, took her by the hand and pulled her into our bedroom.

"Take your shorts off," I said. She hesitation.

I had my semi-erect dick out.

"Suck on this. Finish getting me hard," I told her. She hesitation.

Once she got me good and firm, she started to lay on her back on the bed.

"Nope," I said. "Turn over." She hesitation.

And I gave it to her. To the point my knees were weak.

So what's the big deal, those of you that do this on a regular basis may ask? In my previous attempts to do this with others, before I got "shorts down" out of my mouth, I was hit in the face with a resounding "NO". But not from Dreamer!

The light bulb is now on. I now fully realize "no" is just not in her vocabulary when it comes to things sexual. While I wouldn't exactly call it power over her, that's pretty much what it is. I have control over our sex life. I was one that believed "she with the pussy controls the cock".

Now my Sex Fiend Brain is reeling. Sex has never been up to me. I was allowed to whip it out at "their" discretion. Now it's my turn. We are not into in BDSM and the like...but now I'm wondering what the boundries are. Dreamer told me there aren't any. I do have in nothing indecent in public. But how far can I...and will I...push that?

And this is my personal note to Dreamer, who I know will read this...but I want you all to witness it. A running joke around our house is we are NOT married because of the IDEWA thing mentioned above. The only way we could be married is if she drugged me or got me so drunk I had no clue.

Well, DJ, my love...we ARE married. The past 4 years have been incredible. You did say "I Do" and meant it. And I'm telling you "I Do" and mean it just as much. I sure am in love with you.

Power is a wonderful thing!
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