The Cuckold Spa and Hotel

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I was on holiday in Switzerland staying in a spa hotel in a beautiful resort near one of the lakes. I had been travelling in Germany seeing friends and although it was out of the tourist season I treated myself to an overnight stay in this hotel before travelling on to France. The hotel was beautiful, but with not many guests at that time of year. During the afternoon I had made use of the gym facilities, and also gone for a long walk around the hotel and along the lake shore enjoying the views. After dinner I decided to just chill out and make use of the spa facilities. By the time I got there it was quite late in the evening.

In the relaxation area was a pool in the middle, a jacuzzi at one end of the pool, and around the sides a number of relaxation rooms such as a sauna, steam room, aromatherapy room, and several more rooms. There were also loungers around the pool. The whole spa facilities were clothing optional, and as I walked in with just a robe around me I could see a couple nude on a pair of loungers, and another couple had just walked past me also nude. There was also a couple in the jacuzzi although I couldn't tell if they wore swimwear or not, and I couldn't tell if there was anyone in any of the relaxation rooms as all the glass doors were darkened. In such hotels in Europe the spa areas are often nude only, but some such as this one are clothing optional only to appease certain guests who are uncomfortable with nudity. As a nudist I was pleased to see others nude and was not wearing any swimwear myself.

I hung my robe on one of the stands and stepped into the pool and casually glided up and down for a few lengths enjoying the warm water, before just relaxing and floating face up in the water. As I did so I saw 2 couples leave one of the relaxation rooms, probably the sauna, both nude, and 2 ladies leave another room, one nude the other topless. The 2 ladies looked like they left the spa, whilst the 2 couples went off to another room. The couple on the loungers had made eye contact with me and both smiled and said hello as I got out of the pool and walked past them.

I decided to have a look around and wandered naked around the spa checking out what facilities there were. I showered first and went in the turkish steam room, which was lovely and very hot, before showering again and trying out an aromatherapy room. I went in about 5 or 6 rooms, the 2 couples were in the swedish sauna, but otherwise all the rooms I tried were empty. It was the rainforest room when I was relaxing that the couple who were in the jacuzzi entered, said hello, and sat opposite where I was laying looking straight at me. They spoke in German, I recognised the language, although my German is not good enough to understand what they were talking about, especially as they were mostly just whispering to each other anyway.

I laid on my back, they had a good view of my naked body, and if I glanced to my right I had a good view of them too, they were both naked. Occasionally we exchanged smiles, they were both always looking at me, and on one occasion the man simply asked 'you English?' to which I replied 'yes'. I asked if they were German, but it turned out they were Swiss but not local to the area. They spoke good English, as I find many Europeans do, and asked if I spoke German. I replied I did a little, but not enough to understand anything they had chatted about. It was the lady who then said they had been admiring me and guessed I hadn't understood any of their conversation. They introduced themselves as husband and wife, Lionel and Sofia, I introduced myself too, and it was Lionel who mentioned I hadn't tried the jacuzzi and wondered if I'd like to join them. I enjoy being admired, and it was difficult not to admire them too, Sofia clearly enjoyed me looking at her and I felt myself becoming semi erect. I accepted their offer and we all left the rainforest room and showered before walking along the pool to the jacuzzi. The couple on the loungers were still there reading their books and magazines.

Lionel and Sofia were in their 50s I guessed, although I'm not good at guessing ages. Lionel was a larger man, very hirsute, although balding on his head too. I couldn't help noticing he was not well endowed at all, in fact his penis was very small and hardly noticeable. Sofia was a much more petite lady, both shorter and much slimmer, long dark hair, small breasts and a pretty and small dark triangle of pubic hair.

They offered me to get into the jacuzzi first, which I did, and then followed me in and sat next to me with Sofia in the middle. We were sat fairly close, I put my arms outstretched behind me so that one arm was behind Sofia, close to her but not touching her. It wasn't long before I felt her hand on my thigh, gently stroking up and down, which got me very aroused, especially as her hand got closer and closer to my cock with every gentle stroke she made. We had been casually chatting too, like me they were both nudists although whilst this was my first visit to this spa they had been a few times before. They lived at home as nudists and enjoyed nude holidays too, the conversation never sexual but constantly focussing on nudity. It was Lionel who asked me that, as a single man, it must be nice admiring nude ladies, which I agreed it was. Then in a clear reference to how small his own penis was, he commented that it must be much harder for someone much larger than himself to admire another lady without it being obvious. I replied it could be, but often being obvious doesn't cause any problems and can seen as a compliment, and an erection is only natural anyway. It was at that exact moment that Sofia's fingers first brushed my cock, gently running all the way up and down.

Lionel continued to talk and paid me a very nice compliment saying how enjoyable it was to see my penis swinging around as I walked. He was quite descriptive about the size of my penis, reminding me that they had both been admiring me in the rainforest room, in the shower, and again as I walked with them. Sofia then added to the compliments too, saying that it was nice for ladies to look too and every lady enjoys seeing a nice big penis.

I placed my hand on Sofia's shoulder and she leaned into me a little as if she enjoyed the affection. Lionel continued talking saying it takes confidence to walk with an erection and asked if I ever did, I replied I did, saying again it was only a natural reaction, at which point Sofia's hand slipped around my cock. The look in her eyes was one of wanting to see what she was stroking, mixed with that tell-tale comment directed at Lionel that she doesn't normally get to see a big penis. I guessed Lionel knew exactly what was going on under the water when he asked if we should all enjoy using the cabin instead. It was agreed and as if to prove the point just made I stood up and faced Sofia with my erection at about the surface of the water and clearly visible just inches from her face. It was unexpected when Sofia commented how nice her view was, and I took her hands and helped her up and we all got out of the jacuzzi. It was only a short walk to the sauna I thought, assuming that's what Lionel meant by cabin, near but not straight past the couple still there on their loungers.

Sofia continued to hold my hand as we got out of the jacuzzi and we followed Lionel along the pool. As we neared the couple he announced 'to the log cabin' and we followed right past the couple on the loungers. I saw them both looking over their books at us checking us out, the lady even lowering her reading glasses, both smiling at us. Sofia's nipples were hard and she looked sexy with water running down her body, I was wet too and still hard, walking along not caring I was fully erect. Lionel guided us down a small passageway I hadn't noticed before and, without grabbing any towels or robes, through an exit door and then a few paces outside to a log cabin that I don't know existed.

Lionel open the door for me and Sofia to walk in, the cabin had sauna-like benches around all 4 walls with burners in the corners nearest the doors. The benches though were much larger and deeper, and scattered around were many blankets and furs for comfort. It reminded me of a cross between a sauna and a snug. One of the original couples I saw were in here, otherwise it was empty. Good evening, said the couple in the cabin, in German. We all said good evening, some other pleasantries were exchanged in German, one of them towards me as Lionel told the couple I didn't speak German just English, and so the lady simply looked at me and said ok, look good, which I took as a compliment.

We sat on the middle tier of benches on the left almost opposite the couple, the cabin was very large and there was plenty of space. I sat down then Sofia sat a couple of feet away with Lionel next to her. Sofia then swung her legs round up on the bench so she was leaning against Lionel, her toes touching my leg. The man of the couple opposite offered to go get some drinks, I think he was probably just going anyway, and he came back with beakers and a jug of iced water for everyone. When everyone had drunk and was settled Sofia started to smile at me as if something was about to happen. Sure enough it did. She lowered her right foot down to the lower bench so I had a view between her legs. Her pussy was lovely and smooth, the dark triangle of pubic hair finishing just above her pussy. It seemed a subtle move, but the next move certainly wasn't. She raised her left foot up onto the highest bench so her legs were wide open, and then gently started to stroke her pussy.

I enjoyed watching, as did the other couple who were clearly intrigued, but I'm more one for taking part and not just watching. I leaned towards Sofia and placed my hands on her legs slowly working my way upwards. She didn't do anything to stop me and when my hands reached her pussy she took one had and placed it on her pussy as she spread herself as wide as she could. I gently stroked her, teasing her a little, before sliding 2 fingers inside her which clearly pleasured her. She placed her hands on my head running her fingers through my hair as I kneeled between her legs, she slowly pulled my head closer and with fingers fucking her pussy my tongue started to lick her too. I couldn't see how the other couple were reacting, or Lionel either, I just heard Sofia groaning with pleasure until the moment came when her pussy tightened around my fingers as she started to orgasm. I continued to lick as she came, licking her juices from her pussy and from my fingers until finally I felt her relax and tell me to stop. I looked up at her and with her juices all over my lips she leaned forward to kiss me.

As I sat back I glanced at the other couple who smiled back, both sat fairly explicitly having been masturbating themselves or each other. It was Lionel who got more iced water which was well needed. After a drink he said I bet that I needed a lay down after that. I took it as a hint and lay on my back on the middle tier bench, my erection resting on my tummy. Sofia positioned herself laying face down on the top tier bench looking down at my face.

I felt her hand wandering over my chest and then over my tummy as she reached down, and then go straight for my cock. The first thing she did was hold my cock upright for everyone to see, and immediately started masturbating me. I glanced up at Sofia who was just smiling at me, then I glanced across at the couple who were both masturbating. I couldn't see Lionel from where I was laying. I closed my eyes and heard a lady say something in German I didn't understand, Sofia just replied yes, and the next I knew not only was Sofia masturbating me but the lady was now sucking my cock too. Sofia's technique was wonderful, slow and gently milking me, and the lady was licking and sucking me very sensually too, and the best thing for me to do was just relax and let everything happen. They continued and eventually Sofia could feel me throbbing and started whispering cum darling, cum. She gently squeezed and milked my cock as I came, shooting cum straight into this lady's mouth.

Sofia climbed down from the top tier and took over from the other lady as she gently licked my cock clean of cum. The other lady leaned forward to kiss me, her breasts brushing my skin as she did so, and I was shocked and surprised to realise this was not the lady from the couple already in the sauna, but the lady who had been on the loungers by the pool. I had no idea she was even in the cabin, apparently they had entered whilst I was pleasuring Sofia earlier and I hadn't noticed.

After kissing me she positioned herself so I could suck on her breasts, which were much larger than Sofia's. As Sofia continued to gently lick, suck and play with my cock and balls this new lady stood up and lifted one leg high onto the bench above me for a clear view of her pussy. Even with a large strip of trimmed pubic hair covering her pussy I could clearly see she was dripping wet and with some clever manoeuvring from us both she gently lowered her pussy onto my tongue and started to masturbate as I licked her. She was quite frantic and made herself cum very quickly, flooding me with juices and she came.

Her husband came to her rescue and led her back to a bench next to the other couple, the lady still pleasuring herself, the man I could see had already cum. My German language is very limited but I do know general sex words from my experience working in German porn, and the lady masturbating clearly asked Sofia if we were going to fuck. Sofia asked who would like to watch, at the same time holding my cock showing me off to everyone. I was the only one Sofia didn't ask, although by this time I definitely wanted to fuck her too. I stayed laid on my back as Sofia climbed above me and lowered herself down reverse cowgirl so that everyone had a good view between our legs. She teased as she brushed her pussy against the tip of my cock, she was very wet as she lowered herself further and slipped me inside her pussy. She rode me up and down very slowly, raising her body as high as she could to give everyone a good view as she lowered herself each time right down taking my cock as deep as she could.

I couldn't see what everyone else was doing, which was a shame as I wanted to, I was just aware of some movement and guessed the others were all playing too. I sensed someone stand up and I felt a hand cupping my balls that wasn't Sofia's, the person gently stroking my cock when it was on show and I guessed stroking Sofia's pussy too. The fondling stopped and totally unexpectedly I suddenly got drenched in a warm flow of juices as one of the ladies clearly just gushed all over us. I got drenched and could feel the force as the juices hit and splashed over us, the lady clearly flowing to start with followed by much shorter sharper squirts. It was incredibly erotic for both of us, and both me and Sofia reacted the same, it wasn't long before we were both cumming, Sofia sat right down on me with my cock deep inside her as her pussy tightened as she came, triggering my own orgasm filling her pussy with cum.

With that we were both desperate for water and I have no idea who handed me a beaker but I downed it quickly followed by another too. One of the ladies was playing with my cock, gently licking it clean, I just laid there without a care who it was, only knowing it wasn't Sofia as she was shattered and laying down next to Lionel. With my sex session with Sofia finished and everyone having watched and those who wanted to join in doing so, I assumed that was the end. I relaxed as the lady played with me, it was the lady originally in the cabin who had been masturbating very openly, as I looked up at her she smiled and continued to tease my cock. She knew I didn't understand much German but I did easily understand the 2 words she spoke, 'fuck, yes?'. I smiled and said yes, the next I knew she had stood up and faced her husband who was still sat down, she placed her hands on his knees and bent over, I had a beautiful view of her bum as she began to talk in German.

It was Sofia who translated, fuck her hard darling. I stood behind her and slipped my cock in her pussy. She was totally drenched, it must have been her who gushed, I went deep and felt my covered in juices where she had already cum, which was very erotic. She continued to talk, as though her words were instructions, Sofia translating faster faster, harder harder, and I started to pound her pussy slamming my cock deep inside. Her moaning and groaning were all I needed to know this is what she wanted.

Sofia had openly fucked me in front of her husband, this lady was leaning against her husband while I fucked her, and the lounger lady had sucked my cock while her husband watched too. What had started as an innocent relaxation in a spa hotel had turned into a cuckolding orgy. Three cuckold men, all enjoying watching their wives have sex with me, was far from what I had expected. The lady I was fucking now was leant right over, her legs spread as far as possible, to my right were Sofia and Lionel watching, to my left the lounger couple, the lady gently masturbating as well as playing with her breasts, the man having cum already. With every thrust I felt and heard my body slapping against hers, I reached round to play with her breasts that were swinging wildly, she liked me being rough with her breasts too.

I was shattered and ready to cum one last time, Sofia was calling out to cum inside this lady, clearly what she was shouting in German. Then I realised the words cum, cum, cum were an instruction as she almost collapsed onto her husband as she came to orgasm herself. I thrust deep inside and moved as her body fell forwards, filling her with what cum I had left in my body.

At that point I pretty much collapsed and was revived with beakers of water. We all exited the cabin to the cool air of the outdoors and back into the main spa area. By now it was very late and the place seemed deserted. I took a cool shower and freshened up, as did everyone else, and there were lots of hugs and handshakes as goodbyes were said. My robe was back by the pool, and the lounger couple had left their books and magazines as well as their robes there too. We walked over together as the others walked off and we collected our things. They chatted to each and then turned to me. There was a clear language barrier and I didn't understand what the man said, but we shook hands anyway. Then the lady hugged me, our naked bodies pressed against each other briefly. As we parted her hand slipped around my waist and to my cock as she gently brushed it with her fingers. My hands were still on her and it seemed natural to fondle her large breasts that clearly aroused me.

I didn't understand what she said other than it included the word fuck and was something about the 2 other ladies. I took it to mean something about enjoying watching me fuck the other 2 ladies. Then the man showed me their room card, with a key fob clearly displaying their room number. I took it they were inviting me to their room but I was still shattered. They could see that and pointed to a clock and spoke again, I picked up the German word for 30 and mimed to them the time it would be in 30 minutes. The lady said yes, and so did I. I took it to mean I was invited to their room in 30 minutes, if I had enough energy left I would go, if I didn't they didn't know my room so no harm done.

The lady kissed me full on the lips and I was certainly excited by her. We left and I went back to my room to relax. I showered again and drank plenty of water and relaxed. 30 minutes later I decided I was definitely excited by this lady and had recovered enough for at least a little bit of fun, so I left my room and made my way to their room. It was the lady who answered, wearing her robe. She invited me inside where her husband, also wearing a robe, greeted me then sat in a chair at the end of the bed. With the obvious language barrier very little was said, the lady took my hand and led me round the side of bed and offered me a drink. I accepted, and we each drank then putting glasses to one side we stood facing each other holding hands.

We slipped off each other's robes, both naked underneath, and she gently pulled me on to the bed and indicated to me to lie down. She was extremely gentle with me, and knowing I loved her breasts she gently tit-fucked me before leaning forward to let me play with her breasts and then suck her nipples. After that she got up and turned around so that she was now facing her husband, laying on top of me legs spread as she lowered her pussy onto my face whilst taking my cock in her hands. She clearly enjoyed masturbating and sucking me right in front of her husband, teasing him whilst playing with me, her play also including my balls, perineum and bum too. I kept swapping between flicking my tongue over her clit to licking up and down and inside her pussy, as my hands explored her bum I slipped a finger in her ass gently at the same time that she was fingering mine.

This continued for some time until a sudden flow of warmth drenched my face as she began to cum, not an earth shattering orgasm more a slow and long lasting orgasm she clearly enjoyed every moment of. She started to wipe my cock all over her face I guessed to enjoy my pre-cum on her skin, as she got off me long beads of her juices made a mess over my face and down her leg. Her face was glistening with my pre-cum, our lips covered with each other's juices, and we kissed passionately as she positioned herself over me, her legs spread above my cock. She kissed my face all over too, enjoying tasting her own juices on me.

Then reaching down she took my cock and placed the tip against her pussy. Without using her hands she pushed down on my cock giving her husband a clear view as my cock slipped inside her pussy. She laid on top of me and gently writhed around and I embraced her and we continued to kiss. She ran her fingers through my hair as she laid on top of me, not so much fucking but more just gently making love to each other. I could feel her large breasts pressed into my chest as she kept slowly raising her thighs and lowering them to give her husband a good view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I was so aroused and eventually she brought me to orgasm inside her, she was clearly controlling herself too as soon after I had cum she held me tightly and had the most gentle orgasm too.

I had every intention of returning to my room but when I woke up in the morning I was still naked in bed with this lady, with her cuddled up to me. She was already awake, and had been for some time, whilst there was no sign of her husband. We kissed passionately again, fondling and caressing each other, before she suggested eating the breakfast she had ordered as room service. After eating we showered together, again fondling each other as we did so, before returning to bed for more cuddling, plenty of oral sex, before more traditional sex with me on top.

Her husband never returned to the room before I left. When I left she made a point of slipping a note in my robe pocket which I checked as soon as I left the room. It just had an email address on it surrounded by plenty of kisses. My travels took me on to France before returning home, when I took the opportunity to email her. I left a simple message saying how much I had enjoyed myself. I write to other people in Germany fairly often, which always involves using Google translate to read their replies. It's not perfect but it's enough to understand the messages, and it was enough to understand the lengthy reply I got this time.

In short, they are both voyeurs who love to watch couples having sex as well as porn in general. They watch a lot of porn to give them ideas, but rarely get to indulge in actually watching couples for real. Cuckolding was a real fantasy and in cabin and then the bedroom that night was the first time she had cuckolded him. They both thanked me and would love for that to happen again, and have invited me to stay with them if I am ever in the area again. She is also very exhibitionist and would love to cuckold him with me in front of other people too. And they would also like to watch me with someone else, they even suggested a person, just watching us having sex with the lady occasionally joining in. Their fantasies also include her hiking naked with me through the beautiful countryside whilst he carries our clothes, she wants to push her exhibitionism further and he wants to push his humiliation fantasies further too. I have not travelled through that area before, but I am very tempted to go back. Summer is always very busy for me but that is when they have suggested, for the warmer weather to be outdoors naked.
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