That's Gay!

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I once had a friend who rode the bus with me to school daily. He was, and still is, fat. He became a youth minister about 5-6 years ago and, since then, he's been on a tirade against homosexuals especially now. I understand that we, as Christians, find the acts of homosexuality sinful; but jeez dude chill. Witnessing to any sinner is fine; but demonizing them is not. That is what he's doing and it's despicable.

The reason why I mentioned him being fat is because he doesn't have a thyroid problem. He over eats. Gluttony is a sin as is slothfulness; but he's far too busy casting stones 1-400 to ever analyze his own life and fix his issues with God.

I know I'm being a hypocrite writing about him; but his posts irked me so BAM! outlet. Also- I'm really laid back concerning what others do so long as it doesn't affect me in an unwarranted/unwanted manner. I never really understood why what someone does, who they love, how they love, etc would make someone angry (besides cases like pedophilia or rape). So true racism, sexism, overall bigotry alludes me.
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