Thai Beach Massage

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This is actually a blog by a friend, in it I am referred to as "G".

I was on holiday with my husband and a group of friends in Thailand relaxing on a beach when yet again a beach seller approached us. This time it was 2 ladies, one wearing a big baggy t-shirt, the other a full length sarong, offering a beach massage. There were 9 of us and probably because of our swimwear and because we were cuddling each other, the 2 ladies focussed on me and a friend G, probably thinking he was my partner, even though my husband Tom was actually there too lying opposite us. Nudity is banned on Thai beaches so I was wearing a bright blue slingshot bikini, enough to cover my nipples and pussy but very little else. G was wearing a tiny thong, tight fitting like a condom and showing off his erection as it stretched the lycra to the maximum. They offered us what they called "best massage" and quoted us a price, then looking directly at me one of the ladies said "sexy massage". Before I had chance to reply there were calls of "yes" from our friends, including my husband, at which point the other lady mention "VIP massage" for some more money. I was keen, G didn't really have a say in it, as friends clubbed together and money was handed over.

To the amusement of our friends we walked with the ladies along the beach, our bottoms on show, and my breasts and G's cock swaying as we walked. As usual with that bikini it does nothing to hold my breasts in place and they were bouncing as I walked, the tiny teardrop of lycra only staying in place because my nipples were erect. They took us to their beach sala, a square wooden shack, not of the same standard as the hotel beach salas, although inside were 2 luxurious massage beds. The sala was at the back of the beach, built like a massive four poster bed where 2 sides were bamboo and wooden slats we could slightly see out of, one was a mix of net curtains and beads where we came in, and the other facing inland was open with net curtains pulled back. We were assured by the ladies, and another 2 girls who we met inside who were both also wearing baggy t-shirts and were introduced as our masseuses, that whilst we had a good view out, the view from outside looking in was restricted. We weren't so sure!

But looking forward to our massages we didn't care who could see what at that moment, it was a very pleasant sala inside. After a quick chat between themselves one of the ladies asked "You have best sexy massage", quickly adding "VIP" afterwards. We had deliberately avoided the downtown salas that just offer sex with young girls and no massage at all, not our sort of thing, the 2 ladies who were on the beach were probably in their late 30s or early 40s, the 2 girls were in their 20s, and we naively assumed the "sexy massage" question was probably because of our swimwear. The extra money for "VIP" we wondered if that was for a happy ending for each of us, something we looked forward to if it happened, but didn't expect. I was wondering if my sexy massage would be anything like those that G does for me, although with him being a guy it certainly wouldn't have the same very happy ending I'm used to.

The lady in the long sarong continued to prepare a mixture of warm massage oils. The lady in the baggy t-shirt led me round to the other side of the massage bed and without asking she started to undo all the tie sides to my slingshot bikini helping me out of it. Then she asked me to lay on my front on a massage bed as she folded the bikini and placed it on a small table. G was facing the other lady, semi erect, when she reached out and placed her hands on his sides. Unlike the other lady she asked "You undress too" but without waiting for an answer she had slipped his bikini off as if the question was actually an instruction, folded it, put it on the table with mine, and asked him to lay face down on his massage bed. With us both laying face down next to each other with our faces poking down through those holes they have in massage tables, unable to see each other or our masseuses, we reached out and could just touch each others hands, much to the ladies delight one of who said "ahh lovers". That may well be true but not in the sense she thought as my wedding ring is for my husband back on the beach! But I always have his full approval.

The massage itself was lovely, very slow, liberal use of oil, and quite sensual even though the masseuse was climbing all over me. I assumed the same was happening to G. It was only after a while it dawned on me my masseuse couldn't be wearing the baggy t-shirt any more, although clearly she was wearing something as I could feel it, but I could also feel a lot of bare skin. Occasionally one of the older ladies was joining in to provide a 4 hands massage. I was massaged from head to toe, including my bare bottom and between my legs, sensuous rather than sexual, although deliberately massaging my pussy occasionally. I loved it when she poured warm oil over my bum, parting my cheeks to let it run down over my bum hole which she also ran her fingers over, then the oil ran down onto my pussy. It was my pussy that was the last area she massaged before asking us both to turn over I was extremely wet as I laid on my back. I could see G now, clearly excited, and with him naked on his back on the bed next to me with no towels over him it was easy to see his cock was rock hard.

This was going to be an extremely enjoyable massage lying naked and uncovered as I sensed it would slowly get more erotic. The 2 girls then appeared standing behind our heads at the top of the bed, walking round to the tables at the side where the massage oils were. From behind I could see my masseuse wearing white hotpants and loose white cropped vest top, G's was wearing black hotpants with more of her bum on show, and a loose black crop top. As they turned round I could see the white cropped vest top of my masseuse doing little to hide her breasts and nipples, and the white hotpants were tight and slightly see through too. G's had black hotpants, so tight they showed a lovely camel toe, although it was the loose crop top that caught my eye first as well as his, not quite long enough to cover her breasts and immediately exposing them as she bent over him. Both looked very sexy, both were slim, G's masseuse was taller than mine, both with fairly small and pert breasts. I suddenly wondered if they were younger than I had originally thought, but not by much, late teen or early 20s.

As mine stood behind my head to massage my head and breasts giving me a view up her top of her breasts, G's did the same massaging his head and chest, his masseuse deliberately letting her breasts go as near to his face as possible. Again the massage was head to toe, slow and sensual, I was enjoying being massaged between my legs as G's masseuse gently cupped his balls as she massaged between his legs, holding his erection in one hand as she massaged his tummy and around his cock, before running both her hands up and down his erection very slowly a few times. We were both totally drenched in oil, easily as much as G uses for his massages, my skin extremely slippery by now. I looked across at G and could see the oil running down his glistening body, the light reflecting off it. I was so horny being massaged and pleasured with a beautiful view of G receiving the same. The mix of full body massage combined with sensual massage was just what I had been wanting, not purely sexual up to this point, just sensual and erotic, like G does when he massages me, slowly building up to a purely sexual ending. In one of the many moments in the massage where they climbed on us we both had our girls sitting on our tummies, mine kept running her hands up over my breasts and over my shoulders, or round my neck and on my face. As she did so her crop top left her breasts clearly exposed and I looked over to see G enjoying the same as he decided to gently caress her breasts. Her reaction, along with my masseuse, was to pull her top over her head and lay it by the side leaving them both topless.

We both enjoyed playing with their breasts as we were massaged, G's occasionally reaching behind her to massage his erection, mine reaching behind to massage my pussy. When they got off they walked to the top of the beds leaning over us massaging our faces, their breasts teasingly in range of our tongues, before placing a warm towel over our eyes so neither me or G could see.

The next I knew was warm oil covering my breasts, running down over my tummy and over my pussy too, as well as all down my arms and legs. As a pillow or something similar was placed under my bottom, hands started to massage my inner thighs and more hands massaged my breasts as I could sense one of the older ladies behind my head. After massaging in the oil all over my body, the next I knew my masseuse was sitting astride me having climbed on me yet again, this time on my tummy but facing away, massaging and pleasuring my thighs and pussy, her legs astride me and clearly from the feel no longer wearing her shorts. A cool breeze blew through the sala and I was reminded people could possibly see in as we were far from being enclosed, I could hear beachgoers walking past, maybe I could only hear them now as my eyes were covered playing with my senses. I could hear from G's reactions that he was being pleasured too and although I couldn't see I knew his masseuse must be naked on his tummy pleasuring his cock.

The lady behind my head was moving her hands over my breasts and then gently running her hands over my face and through my hair, almost like being lovingly caressed, it was very sensual. As she sensed I built towards orgasm she removed the towel and I could see my naked masseuse pleasuring me whilst the lady behind was at least topless and maybe also nude, her breasts gently touching me every time she leaned forward, I had the most amazing view of them and she was quite busty. At the moment when I reached orgasm I could sense G was close too, although disappointingly I couldn't see her playing with him as she was sat on his tummy and blocking my view. My masseuse caressed my face and turned me towards G to get a better view. The lady behind his head caressing him was naked, so I guessed mine must be too, and he still had the warm towel covering his eyes, unable to see she was even bustier than mine. I saw his masseuse lift her bottom off his tummy just as I groaned far too loudly still on a sexual high from orgasm. His masseuse got off his massage bed, turned around facing him naked, climbed back on top of his thighs and massaged his cock in full view. With one hand she cupped his balls, with the other she gently massaged the shaft of his cock, running her thumb over the head. I was so excited as I was still being pleasured and hopefully about to see G orgasm too.

It was at that point G's girl shuffled forward on his body, raised her hips, and lowered herself onto his erection. She was clearly also drenched with oils as he slipped inside easily as she gently lowered herself with a few groans of her own until he was taking her weight. She looked slightly uncomfortable as if she was initially unable to take his full length until she leaned back a little then a huge smile beaming across her face now. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, they though he was my husband yet he was not just being pleasured like I was but I had a full view of his cock penetrating her pussy as she openly had sex with him. I had almost lost all my senses at that point only to feel something slip inside me, I had been so concentrated on G I hadn't taken in that my masseuse had also turned around and was naked facing me pleasuring me with a dildo. As one girl rode G's cock so the other had slipped the other end of what was obviously a double ended dildo inside herself and both were pleasuring themselves now against us, mine full on grinding against me, our wet pussies sliding against each other. It was just after I orgasmed again that it became obvious G was about to, and at the perfect moment his masseuse raised her body and I could see him shoot sperm all over her pussy and up over her tummy and breasts. The "VIP" treatment had turned out purely to mean full on sex.

From that point the massages were more about relaxing us after our "VIP" treatment, or so I thought. G had the towel removed from his eyes, allowing him to see what I could see, these 2 lovely Thai girls completely naked one with his sperm all over her breasts, tummy and pussy that she left on her skin to mix with the oil, it was a sexy look. As they walked to a corner the 2 older ladies both came into full view, both naked, breasts swaying, perching on the side of each bed. "You enjoy" said mine, whether she was referring to my massage, the sex, or the view of her body, the answer was yes. G had clearly said more than yes as his lady leaned into him her breasts on his chest as she kissed him, his arms around her as she climbed on top of him, legs astride him, her bottom in the air above his cock. I held my lady in an embrace where she could gently caress and fondle me, my legs spread wide open for her, as one of the girls returned and reached between G's lady's spread legs and slipped G's cock into her pussy as she lowered herself down. So my pretend husband was now getting fucked twice! She stayed laid on top of him snogging him and thrusting her hips, their oiled bodies sliding against each other, her breasts thrust into his chest and slipping to the side they were so large and oiled, until the point where it seemed she genuinely orgasmed. Meanwhile my lady had been fingering me expertly whilst I had grabbed the long dildo and had slipped it in my bum, gently sliding it in and out, as G with his lady still lying on top of him got a full view as they watched. When she eventually got off him she pointed to a clock indicating we had time left "to act as lovers" is what I think she said, and the 2 girls encouraged me and G to embrace each other.

Naked and still on a massive sexual high the embracing quickly turned to fondling which quickly turned to me with my hands on one of the beds legs spread apart as G slipped his hard cock in my bum, gently at first then building up a rhythm to the point where he was thrusting in and out. All the oil made a loud slapping sound as he pounded my bum, as did my oiled breasts swaying wildly slapping against each other and my body. I realised the ladies and girls had all gathered round, gently caressing us both as we fucked. There was only one thing I wanted now and that was his cock in my pussy, which my somewhat crude language made clear.

I sat on the edge of one of the massage beds my legs wide apart and high in the air as G stood between them pounding my pussy. His older lady sat on the bed behind me her legs astride my body her arms around me cupping my breasts, her breasts pushed into my back as she held me tightly. The 2 girls were caressing G, one of them reaching under his bum playing with his balls as he fucked me, the other reaching to touch the base of his cock as it slid in and out of me, pouring massage oil from a bottle over his cock and my pussy as we fucked. My older lady was stood watching, one leg up on the table next to me, openly masturbating herself. As G slammed his cock deep inside I felt him throb and then gush warm cum inside me, the feeling of which soon made me orgasm again. With me close to collapse my lady laid me down and gently cooled me with towels as one of the girls provided bottled water. I seemed surprised but really shouldn't have been that the lady who had been masturbating had taken my place, and as I relaxed G was now thrusting his cock deep inside her until she had the mightiest orgasm her whole body shaking as one of the other girls held her.

My pretend husband had now openly fucked 3 of the 4 ladies and I lay there thinking why not the 4th then, she might as well enjoy him too. Like me though he was now shattered and that 4th lady, the girl who had originally massaged me, laid him on his massage table and provided cooling towels and water as we both rested.

It was a superb massage that was sadly over now, the girls now with towels round them to cover up, and the ladies with towels round their waists with their luscious breasts on show, all helped us both back on with our bikinis. G's lady stood far too close to him grinding her body against his as what should have been a kiss goodbye was more of a snog. Mine did the same, with both of us quite busty our breasts were pressed tightly against each others. Then something happened that took me completely by surprise, after a lingering kiss she whispered in my ear "you stay in hotel here?". I whispered "yes" and the name of the hotel, then she replied "you and husband want friendly visit? no money". Before I had even thought about how that would play out and the explaining that would have to happen I had already whispered back my room number. What happened will have to be another blog. With broad smiles all round and a quick kiss and hug from everyone, and a bottle of water each to take away, they saw us on our way back along the beach to our friends, and to my real husband, who wanted to hear all about it.
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