Sun, Sea, Sailing & Sex

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I was on holiday in the Caribbean with a few friends, 2 married couples in their 40s and 50s one with a daughter in her 20s, and 2 other ladies one a girl in her 20s the other in her 40s, so quite a mix of age groups. The 8 of us hired a boat with a crew for the day to go sightseeing, the crew being a married couple who owned the small yacht. There was plenty of drink on board and the crew had brought some food and promised us a BBQ with fish we would catch on the trip.

When we got out to sea some of us sunbathed on the front deck wearing some very skimpy swimwear, including me. Mine was semi sheer, bright blue, and ergonomic, a thong fitting like a condom at the front to highlight my penis. Another guy had tight shorts on and some of the ladies had very skimpy g-strings on. The guy, Tony, skippering the yacht wore colourful board shorts and his wife, Cathy, a very nice plain black swimsuit cut very high on the leg.

Cathy brought drinks to us all and we asked politely if anyone would be offended by our swimwear on our trip. We were told the islands we would visit were uninhabited and that Tony and Cathy had seen it all before and we could do what we liked. With that information one of the girls was quick to slip out of her bikini and sunbathe nude on the deck. Another lady immediately went topless, then another slipped her bikini off and came to lay by me and started stroking my penis before moving to suck it through the semi sheer material. Next I knew she slipped the swimwear off me and gave me a wonderful blowjob.

As I looked up I could see the 2 married couples playing, one of the guys taking photos of the other with the 2 ladies. Some partner swapping went on and at one point I found myself naked on my back with one of the married ladies between my legs sucking on me whilst the other married lady sat astride me with her beautiful glistening pussy in my face.

We reached an island and everyone put swimwear back on because it felt like the decent thing to do, even if the swimwear itself was not so modest. The island was deserted except for numerous iguanas which we hand fed berries to. Back on the boat, and back naked again, we sailed for a short while before reaching another island. This time Tony called out that there was no need to get dressed so with several of us naked we went ashore.

Some of us sunbathed whilst others waded out to sea with fishing lines and nets to catch some fish. I was one of the ones who fished, the water was so clear and shallow for so long it was an amazing experience. Although it wasn't my first time in the Caribbean, I have been a few times before; this was something I hadn't done before. Tony and Cathy were great hosts not minding the nudity; in fact both clearly enjoyed the views on offer.

The BBQ was leisurely and I did some sunbathing myself as well as going for a stroll along the beach with the eldest lady and Cathy. We walked arm in arm, me and my friend naked, Cathy in her swimsuit. Cathy told us they had had guests before who got topless or naked but none quite as sexual or fun as we were. Others had got dressed after sex but we just stayed nude, something Cathy admitted she liked. We walked along a very sandy beach and round to a cove just out of sight of the main group. After some persuasion Cathy eventually rolled her swimsuit down over her breasts and then not long after and with more than a little help from me she slipped it off completely. It was beautiful walking arm in arm between 2 gorgeous naked ladies who both commented they enjoyed watching my erection.

We walked back towards the boat and lay and sunbathed with the others, with some persuasion Cathy had remained naked. I laid on my back and my friend began to suck me before climbing astride me and slipping my penis inside her right in front of Cathy, who moved round to kneel behind my head, placing my head in her lap and stroking my face and hair whilst watching me being fucked. Although I couldn't see secretly I was hoping Cathy was fingering herself as she kept taking one hand away for a short while.

Cathy didn't seem to mind that Tony was with the 2 younger girls back on the boat and although he still had his shorts on, they had clearly been playing with him although I hadn't seen how much.

When my lady had finished fingering her clit as she rode my penis bringing us both to orgasm she got off me so I turned myself over so I was now staring face down in Cathy's lap. She was indeed very wet as the sun glistened from her pussy, tiny strings of juice visible in her short dark pubic hair. I gently licked the juice from around her vagina before running my tongue over her labia. Her hand reached out and with her middle finger she started to flick her clit. I ran my tongue up over her clit and with her frantic flicking she climaxed ever so quietly holding my head between her legs.

Eventually she lifted my head up and moved to kiss me, my face covered in juice which amused her. A wash in the clear sea and we all boarded the boat again, most of us still naked although Cathy had her swimsuit back on. The sail became an orgy as after recovering my energy those who were naked quickly started openly fucking. My penis had the pleasure of all 5 ladies pussies as well as their mouths, with 2 of them enjoying anal too. The highlight was on my back with the 2 girls in their 20s squatting above me, one riding my penis the other riding my face, whilst the other 3 stood and knelt close by at the sides allowing me to finger them.

All throughout Tony and Cathy watched and took photos as we drifted at sea. Once the sex fest was over we all lay sunbathing on the boat with the anchor lowered and Tony and Cathy sunbathing with us. After a while they returned to sail the boat to another island. We went ashore with most people swimming in the sea to cool off.

Eventually we realised Tony and the 2 younger girls were back on the boat, Tony's shorts off, both girls pleasuring him. I looked across at Cathy who soon noticed and lay floating in the water staring for a while before continuing to swim. I was laying in the sand at the waters edge, the gentle tide running up and over me, watching what was going on. The water was shallow and I noticed Cathy stand in the water a fair way out starting to wade back ashore. She walked towards me and lay down next to me. I felt awkward not knowing quite what to say before Cathy leaned into me and smiled and said 'someone got a bit too tempted!'.

'Do you mind?' she asked, without waiting for a reply. Cathy had already slipped her swimsuit down round her waist before looking me in the eye and saying 'I guess we all give in to temptation eventually'. Her swimsuit was off, thrown behind her, her body leaning into mine, the side of her breast touching my chest as she ran a hand up my leg before going straight for my erection. 'Do you mind?’ she asked again. I needn't reply, putting my arms around her as she threw a leg over my body, her head above mine, her breasts resting on my chest, my erection between her legs throbbing against her pussy.

With all the sun oil I had on, plus we were very wet, no hands were required as she positioned herself with my erection between her lips before slowly lowering herself onto me. She held me deep inside her pussy extending her legs out so she laid on top of me at full stretch. We laid still for a short while as I enjoyed feeling her pussy clenching against my cock, and she made it known she enjoyed feeling me throbbing inside her. We rolled over until I was on top then again until she was back on top at which point she started to rock her hips and fuck me. The kissing was passionate, the feel of her breasts on my chest erotic as they slid with all the sun oil, the water splashing up between our legs and over our bodies.

My friends had gathered around to watch what was now a bit of a show, as Cathy rolled over so I was on top. I took control as Cathy lifted her legs high up over my shoulders. Words weren't needed I could sense what Cathy wanted, I slid in and out pounding her hard going as deep as I could. She screamed out in ecstasy as she climaxed and relaxed her grip on her legs, only for others to take over holding her legs wide open for me to continue. Her arms reached out to my face until with one deep thrust I too climaxed for the last time that trip.

In the burning hot sun as Cathy reached out for me I almost collapsed on top of her, still inside her, the water splashing over us. Cathy held me tight and kissed me, holding me so tight she almost seemed to be hiding under me. I whispered in her ear asking if she was ok, she replied whispering in my ear simply saying 'yes, amazing, hold me'.

Little did we realise that Tony and the 2 girls had joined the others to watch until Cathy had looked up and seen. My friends reached out for me to help me up, slipping my penis out of Cathy's pussy gently, before rolling me over to lie down. Then they helped Cathy stand and helped her on with her swimsuit before Tony approached her and wrapped his arms around her. Thank goodness all was well between them and we enjoyed the rest of the evening and the sail back again.
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