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I love my job. My income is more than I ever expected when I entered this career almost 30 years ago. However, with the financial benefits comes a lot of stress. Most of the time I handle it fine, as I am a
problem solver and like these challenges. But at times the stress caused me to focus so much on dealing with the situation that my sex drive was hindered. This has never made Bunnie happy. She deals with stress in the opposite way - when she gets stressed, sex helps her to relax.

Not long ago we had a long talk about this, and I realized - and told Bunnie - that one reason I thought my sex drive tended to go down under stress was because I was afraid of losing control of it. I felt that if that happened, all I could think about was grabbing her and doing whatever I wanted to her, and I might not be as considerate as I normally try to be. After I said this, Bunnie looked at me with big bright eyes, and shyly said "You all over me, doing what you want... at times that could be fun...", then gave me a smile. With such encouragement, what else could I do but try? So I have been working on it, and so far we are both enjoying the results.

The last several months have been stressful - multiple active projects, associated meetings, various documents to product and review, etc. One morning I started work early, working from home to finalize a design for a final review, as well as host several project conference calls. By late morning I was already wiped out, and put my head down on my desk to relax and felt myself drifting off. I barely noticed Bunnie returning from her morning work and errands and coming into my home office. Her hands gently rubbing my back and her kiss on my cheek felt very good.

"Are you okay, my Toad?", I heard her say.

I turned my head so that I could see her. She had a concerned look on her face. "I am now, that you're back", I said. "It's been one of those mornings, I'm just trying to drain some stress now". Bunnie leaned over and whispered strongly in my ear "Remember... I'm happy to do anything to help you... ANYTHING.."

"Even let me take you to the couch and fuck you silly doggy style?" The words slipped out of my mouth before I realized it.

"What are you waiting for?" she whispered back. I stood up, and Bunnie stepped back, looking at me with a smile - and with hopeful eyes. I made an instant decision to deal with my stress - and to try to make her happy in the process. I cupped her face in my hands and we kissed. I could feel Bunnie's hands move up and start unbuttoning her blouse, but I stopped her.

"I'll handle this", I said, and unbuttoned her, allowing me to slip my hand inside her blouse to caress her tits. My other hand slipped under her dress into her crotch. She was wearing a thong, so I easily moved it aside and began fingering her pussy. Bunnie's reaction was to lean her head into my chest and make pleasant moaning sounds. As I continued to fondle her tits and pussy, I slowly guided her out of our office area to the nearest couch in our home theater area.

At the couch, I stopped fingering her long enough to use both hands to open up her blouse and free her tits from her bra. As Bunny unhooked the bra and her big tits burst out, I buried my face into them, licking sucking, and squeezing them, and feasting on the taste of her hardening nipples. When I moved my hands back to her pussy Bunnie happily squeezed her tits so that I could keep licking and sucking them. I could feel her pussy get wet around my fingers as I sucked. When I looked in her eyes, she had a wonderful horny and glazed look that added to my excitement.

I continued to fondle and finger Bunnie as I lowered her onto the couch and turned her onto her back. She instinctively grabbed several couch cushions and put them under her, raising her ass in anticipation of what would happen next. I moved behind her, quickly unzipping my pants to free my now rock hard cock, and began rubbing it in her pussy cleft. Bunnie gasped with pleasure as I did this - she was wet and ready. With one leg kneeling on the couch and the other standing on the floor, I straddled her ass and slowly glided my cock into her.

"Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckk...." Bunnie moaned, stretching out the words. "You feels sooo gooood...."

I held her ass and pounded away. Bunnie buried her face in the couch, but I could still her her making sounds of pleasure as I fucked her. Her ass wiggled to receive my cock strokes, and it was not long before I could feel her pussy spasms around my couch and see her ass muscles twitch as the waves of several orgasms overcame her. This excited me even more, but I lasted a lot longer that I thought, even though fucking and cumming in
her was all that was on my mind.

When I did cum, I thrust deep into her, enjoying the feeling of ejaculating my cum deep into her pussy. Bunnie shrieked with joy as she felt me cum, and I could her her pussy spasm around my cock. I was like a machine, continuing to hold her ass tight and thrust into her as long as my cock stayed hard. However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually my cock slowly softened and slipped out of her pussy.

I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck "I love you... that was so much fun".

Bunnie nodded her head in agreement, and turned around to look at me. Her eyes were so sexy and so happy.

"Why are you so nice to me?", she asked.

"You're the one whose nice to me!", I replied. "I feel much better now - I'm ready to slay dragons!"

I stood up and began flexing my muscles. Bunnie turned more to look at me and started laughing.

"Wooo!", she gasped while laughing, "I'm happy to help - come find me anytime". A sly grin crossed her face. "We're alone for a few more hours, so if you can get hard again..." she did not finish the sentence, but she winked at me and wiggled her ass.

"I love a challenge", I replied. she stood up, we kissed and hugged, and I went back to work.

The adrenaline rush from fucking gave me a burst of energy, and I made great progress with my work. Meeting today's deadlines would not be a issue. The time flew buy and I realized that we only had about 30 minutes left for being alone in the house. Since I was now ahead of schedule I went to look for Bunnie.

I found her sitting at a table in the family room, working on some project and humming a happy tune. When she heard me come in she turned, smiled, and then turned her chair around. She was bottomless, and she spread her legs for me to see her pussy in all its glory.

I said nothing. I simply made a beeline for her crotch, and began my feast. Her pussy flesh tasted so good as I licked her, and putting two fingers in her to aid my tongue had her again moaning with delight. I looked up and she was furiously rubbing her tits and nipples with excitement. Her sounds and body movements were just the ticket to get me hard again. While I ate her I pulled off my pants and briefs. Once free I quickly stood up. Bunnie took one look at my cock and began undulating her pussy towards me. I squatted down, slipped my arms under her legs to raised her to get a good angle, and slowly slid my cock into her.

Her eyes widened with joy. "You are so good to me..." she slowly gasped.

We fucked heartily, kissing and tonguing each other. I thoroughly enjoyed looking down and seeing her tits jiggle and my cock thrusting in and out of her pussy... but I enjoyed even more looking at her face and soaking in the wonderful, lusty look she was giving me with those beautiful eyes, as well as the dirty talk she was expressing to encourage me.

We enjoyed the fucking as long as we could, happily giving her a few more orgasms, until I let myself go. My cock throbbed gratefully inside of her as I filled her again with my cum. We locked lips and, as before, I kept pumping into her after I came, for as long as my cock stayed hard. I slowed down as I softened and slipped out of her.

"I love made me cum so much... I thought I was going to pass out", Bunnie murmured as I kissed her all over her face. As I stood up, Bunnie reached over to caress my cock. Even though it was slick with our juices, she gently held it and pulled it towards her. I moved closer to let her put it in her mouth and lick it clean .

"Feel better?" She whispered, with a little smile, still holding and licking it.

"You know you always make me feel great... that's why I love you", I said, caressing her face.

"You're so nice", she answered. "I know you have to get back to work... I just want you to be relaxed."

"You certainly make it easy for me" I said, leaning down to kiss her.

Reluctantly I moved away and put my briefs and pants on. Bunnie stood up and gave me another hug before going away. "I better get dressed before the kids arrive!", she called out over her shoulder.

Before she went up the stairs, she turned back to me, rubbed her fingers on her pussy, and then licked them. "Yum, yum... next time you know where I want it", she said, sticking our her tongue and making happy slurping sounds before running up the stairs.

I just chuckled with amusement, joy and happiness. With a wife like that, what did I have to complain about?

I headed back to my work, but with even more energy and focus to deal with the stress - thanks to my wonderful Bunnie!
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