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Oh dear I suspected when I started this blog that I'd lose interest after a while, hence 3 entries in fairly rapid succession and then nothing for weeks.

Maybe it's because I was struggling with the concept of whether this is meant to be a kind of online diary or just an outlet for whatever random thoughts are going through my head.

Anywho one worry I had that I might be recognisable and that some of the personal things I'm writing about myself or other people in my life, might come back to bite me in the arse, the fact that few people are reading it is putting my mind at rest:)

Anywho whats been happening recently, my sister in law has got a new bf which will be her second. The first one was such a nice bloke but she messed him around and she got chucked. I think she was a bit surprised that he felt entitled to chuck her and it took a while for her to get over it. I advised her to apologize and make ammeds but she wasn't having it.

Still she got a new one in fairly quick time who again seems like a nice bloke so she's obviously doing something right. She's feeling a lot more confidant these days cause she'd lost a lot of weight. I had promised her in the past that we'd go clothes shopping. She reminded me off it last week so off we went. Though I made her bring K with her, D hasn't got many friends so she needs to look after the ones she has.

D wanted fairly fancy stuff rather than just lounging around. She does have fashion sense of a sort and ended up with some nice outfits she really wanted to start wearing dresses, and she ended up with a nice halter black one which worked nice for her figure although I noticed that when she found one she liked all the others were similar, although she had her own sense of what she wanted so I didn't argue.

K just looked lost though wouldn't pick anything herself but would try on anything I suggested, so I'll be honest I just treated he like a doll for the afternoon. She also didn't have that much money so hubbies magic credit card made an appearance. Rather than just embarress her I'd kind of confuse things I'd let her pay for one thing herself, then make a fuss over something and mix her other items up with mine and just distract her so she didn't realise I was paying. I think D noticed (I know she's said before to other people that I freely spend hubbies cash:mad, which is true:))

anywho because K basically been copying my work out her tummy is really toned now and I was telling her to show it off. So rather than fancy party clothes I got her lots of tops and shorts and skirts. We left one shop with her wearing a halter and shorts and I could see she was really uncomfortable and I didn't know whether I had done the right thing but after a while she didn't seem to notice.

Later on I was debabting to go looking at frillies, I asked them if they wanted to go into ann summers. I got the impression D wanted to say no and then for me to argue so she could act like I was dragging her along but that she was above it all.

Anywho they both said yeah, they ended up with some bras and knickers. D actually followed my advice and got a nice chemise (cause she is still overweight) and K did the same. But then D really shocked me when she asked about some of the lubricants she saw on the shelf. For the first time I got the impression that sex might have been a bit of a struggle for her.

Instead of making a big deal of it I just acted blase 'yeah I said everybody uses them, its normal look at the amount of choice you've got' she really surprised me when she picked 2 that i reccomended. I didn't want to go into a big detailed description of my current usage of lubricants with her brother. I just wanted to make her feel like it was the most common thing in the world to buy.

Anywho I was feeling better about the whole day then. So I brought them to an independent lingerie shop off the high street which lets you try stuff on (at their discretion). Things were going really well now D realised she felt a lot more comfortable in a teddy. I sensed she was uncomfortable being naked in front of someone so i made a point of mentioning that you could keep it on during sex. Which caught her attention even if she didn't say so.I had tons of lingerie so I bought another cami and bra and knickers set.

When we got home I asked D how she was getting on with the new bf but she wouldn't give details, she's still not comfortable talking about sex and because I felt she had gone quite a distance today I didn't push.

She lives at home with her parents and even though they wouldn't mind I know she hasn't had either bf stay over. I know that she doesn't feel comfortable when she stays at a mans house so I offered her the key to our granny flat as kind of neutral ground though she didn't say yes or not.

All in all I think my relationship with her is improving.
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