Soul Vacation

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It has started to snow. Fairy-tale like snowflakes fall slowly and softly as winter settles on me. Powdery flakes brush against my face and melt as they meet tears I didn’t know were even there. Its midnight and I’m lonely but the darkness cannot capture everything. I walk the avenues- I reach a Square. Lights and floating sounds of music – the colors of life arrive out of nowhere. Here winter keeps her distance. It’s the place to find on any weekend in any town anywhere. It’s the place to go lift ones soul. To find refuge. Think of this: Low clouds reflect the the square’s golden glow and the sky seems near- near enough to reach out and touch. The world is so real and so beautiful – street musicians, vendors and shoppers. People everywhere, doing everything and nothing. The atmosphere is rhythmic and brilliant. It touches the heart.
Go there. Go to the Square nearby. Go to an all night cafe.
Go for a Soul Vacation
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