Something for me?

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It was one of those stupidly hot days that seem to increase gravities pull, the breeze feeling like a blast furnace. I had just arrived home from work and was climbing the stairs to our bedroom, thinking of a shower and your sex of coarse.

As I topped the stairs and looked through the doorway, I saw you there, laying on your stomach with a magazine in your hand. You were wearing those super tight, pink shorts you loved and a small t-shirt. I stood for a moment, my dirty mind placing my face in your hot ass, the thought was highly arousing and I was already getting hard.

You rolled over and looked at me, smiling as you pulled your tan legs up, bent at the knees. You let them open wide, exposing that sweet camel toe.

"hi honeeey" chirped sweetly.

"hi baby, you look beautiful"......I said as I stepped to the bed.

I lay down over you, my weight still braced on the bed so as not to get you dirty, we kissed softly.

"thank you, honey" whispered.

I smiled and got up, heading for the shower. I stepped into the bathroom and started to strip off the days sweat and dirt. Pulling my jeans and briefs off, I could still see that tight slit of yours as you lay there reading, I groaned as my hard cock popped up and I started the water running.

I took a long, cool shower, soaping up as usual, my cock getting a little extra attention while thinking of you. I finished showering and stepped out of the tub, looking through the door at you had taken the shirt off and now your satin buds were on display, my cock was still hard and I was meaning to put it to good fucking use in a minute.

"Hell with it"....I said to no one.

Skipping the toweling process and walking over to the bed where you lay glowing, your soft, tanned skin waiting to be touched. I was throbbing now, every fiber of my physical being humming at the thought of your wet pussy. You dropped the magazine and met my eyes, smiling sexily.

I started to reach for your feet and you withdrew them and came up to your knees saying.....

"wait honey, I have for you something"

"what do you mean sweety"?....I asked, puzzled.

"lay down honey" coerced.

"ok"....I said, expecting anything , knowing you.

I lay on my back as you stood and peeled off your pink shorts. Your pussy was so fucking beautiful, little patch of black hair above a sweet mound of pleasure. You stood above me and swayed back and forth as my eyes swept over your form, perfect tits, soft belly, sweet pussy, smooth legs, beautiful face ......mmmmmmmm I wanted to jack off, but I knew something better was in store.

You lowered yourself down onto my raging hard on, not entering you. You leaned back on your hands, your glistening hot pussy facing my starving eyes. My cock was sitting firmly in the soft crack of your warm ass, as you reached forward and rubbed your pussy, sliding your fingers in and slicking them up.

I moaned as you used your wet hand to stroke my cock, life can be sooo fucking good.
My cock nice and lubed, you leaned back again and started sliding your ass forward and back again, my cock trapped in wet,soft ass crack. Your wet little pussy right in front of me, your soft tits jiggling as you moved, It took very few strokes until I was over the edge and shooting hot strands of come into my chest hair. It was sooo fucking good, almost as good as your tight pussy.

I lay there for a moment enjoying your ass, you still rubbing my happy cock.
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