She wanted to watch.

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We were sitting up in bed, watching the tube on a cold saturday morning, your warm skin making contact with mine in various spots. We had eaten the breakfast you made, and had a great fuck afterwards. That was an hour ago and the feel of your skin was getting me stiff again.

I reached over and stroked your perky breast, thumbing the chocolate nipple.

" ah hohny man...he he".............You giggled in your sweet Thai accent.

You crawled out of bed and walked around to the end of it, standing in front of me, tight panties barely hiding the prize, perky Asian breasts wiggling as you patted the edge of the bed.

"honey come.....come" said, smiling.

I was clueless..... a blow job?....what the hell.

"why over there"?....I questioned.

"honey....come"? said with a deliberate pout.

"ok, ok".....I sighed, not understanding yet.

I leaned forward and crawled to the end of the bed, sitting on the edge, cock stiff as a board. You put your little hands on my shoulders and leaned into me, my hands slipping around your soft, petite hips.......thinking you were going to straddle me.

"honey, want to see you come"......You whispered in my ear and backed away, smiling.

" you mean....jack off"?....I asked , puzzled.

"yes ...could you believe it"?..................again with the charming Thai english.

You raised your hand in front of your crotch and made the motions....."chu, chu, chu"............making the sound as you stroked a ghost cock.

"heh"................I said, feeling as though a great pussy was being wasted.

You went into the other room and came back with some hand lotion, grabbing my hand and spilling a nice wad into it. You stepped back and wriggled out of your panties, kicking them to me, then began rubbing lotion on your tits......smiling sexily.

"want to see honey" pouted again.

Your lubed motions were erotic as hell, soft hands slipping into sweet places, breasts bouncing slightly as they were released from a roving hand, dark eyes half closed. I wrapped my hand around my hard dick and began to stroke slowly as you turned around and bent over. Your soft little hands jetting out from between your thighs as you lubed your sweet pussy.

Now I was getting into it, as you raised a leg to the chair and rubbed it down, all the while watching my hand stroke up and down my throbbing shaft. I picked up your panties and smelled your sex, my cock responding with a nice wave of pleasure. Now the other shapely leg, working your thigh and ass, the other hand lubing your sweet, soft titties......oh fuck....I was really starting to feel it now. My hand on auto pilot, slipping around my swollen head and down again.

This was feeling so good, I slowed for a second, making it last a minute longer, fucking hot woman. I watched your hands as they slid over every smooth, soft inch of you, my dick was slicking with pre come as I felt another small mimi orgasms.

You smiled, coming a little closer, just out of reach, rubbing your wet pussy with lotion as I stroked a little harder. You were one of the sexiest women I had ever known, almost as perfect as it gets. You were really pushing into that tight, pink cunt and getting wetter. I felt another wave come and go as I jacked off a little faster, loving the newness of this.

You saw I was starting to climb towards an orgasm as I stayed around my bulging head for a few seconds.....mmmmm yeah. Back down the shaft again, stroking, stroking, stroking. Watching as your hips swayed and your hands found your pussy, you stepped forward and rubbed your fingers over my lips and stepped back.

Oh my fucking gawd, now I could taste and smell your pussy and I was sooo close. My strokes intensified as Another wave grew, this might be it....feels like it....feels like it....ooohhhh.....stoke after stroke pushed me into it......the smell of your tangy snatch hung with me....the taste of lotion and pussy mingled.....the sight of your soft female curves being lubed up in front of me...........

You knew I was on the verge and you stepped forward and knelt in between my legs. I felt the come start to was.....I grunted and looked down at your sweet face, cock going into spasms as I crested and started coming....

"Oh...fuck.....uuuhhhhnnnn....uuuuuhhhhhhhnnnn"... ..I groaned as the first stream hit your tits. Come spraying out of my red cock with every sweet, satisfying stroke as I grunted and groaned with pure orgasm....another strand hits your hand as you rub it in...giggling.

"oh honeeeyyyyy....come baby.....come" coached.

My cock spitting hot globs of come all over your titties, I jetted the last of it out of me, still stroking slowly as the pleasure faded......your tits covered.

I finally let go of my still hard dick and looked at you breathlessly, your face a big smile.........

"lot of come honey...could you believe it"?................

You were adorable.
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