Sharing My Wife for the first Time

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Soon after I met my wife when we had sex we would always try different positions. This one particular night she was lying on her stomach and I was on top of her slowly rocking my cock into her pussy. My thumb ended up close to her mouth and she started sucking it but not just sucking it moving her head up and down it like she was giving it head. I responded with "yes... suck that cock" and immediately blew my load.

After that we would fantasise about her sucking cock while I fucked her. After a few weeks of role playing I asked her to be my slut and suck my friends cock while I fucked her, she said she would do it.

Next weekend we invited my best friend over, he knew what was about to happen. She dressed up into some lingerie we were in boxers on the bed her between us. She laid back and we started rubbing on her.

I fondled her breast and watched as he squeezed her other one. It was very exciting, watching him feel her up then he slipped his hand into her panties, I pulled her nipple out of her bra and started sucking.

I watched as she pulled down his boxers and wrapped her fingers around his hard cock she begin jacking him off. Then she leaned over looked at me and lowered her head and slid his cock between her lips and took him all the way down, I heard him moan. I pulled out my cock and stroked it as I watched her give him head.

It was so damn erotic watching his hard cock pumping into her mouth. I pulled off her panties, her pussy was very wet and I had no problem entering her. She must have liked the feeling, she began trying to take him deeper into her throat and gagging constantly.

With my hands on her ass I began fucking her nice and steady. Her pussy was so much wetter that usual, after about 5 minutes I blew my load in her, she continued to suck his cock for about a minute longer then said it was time for a smoke break.

After the break we returned to the bed. She was sitting between us. He gently put his hand on her chest, and slowly pushed her back towards the bed. While she was lying down she spread her legs for him.

This was it! The point of no return! If I wanted to stop him it would have to be right now! He was moving his cock towards her pussy and I knew he intended on fucking her. I had no intention of stopping it from happening; I wanted to see it happen as much as he wanted it to happen.

He rubs his cock on her pussy lips, still glistening with my cum. He leaned forward slipping just his cock head into her. He leaned closer to her pushing it halfway in. Then he drew it back out. I could see half of his cock was wet from where he went in. He pushed back in this time burying the whole thing up in her. He wiggled it back and forth, forcing her to feel his cock in every crevice of her pussy, before starting a steady rhythm.

My cock was so hard. I knew how good his cock felt, she’s such a good fuck, pushing her hips toward his. She looked over at me, saw how hard my cock was and gave me a wicked smile. She reached around him and grabbed his ass while he was pumping into her, pulling him closer taking more.

Her breath was growing ragged as he started thrusting harder. He was fucking her fast now, pushing his cock deep into her pussy. Then he froze mid stroke, savoring the moment before pumping hard a few more times as he unloaded deep inside her.

we continued like that taking turns on her for the next couple hours.
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