Sex on the beach! K's dream :)

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We finally did what K has always wanted to do :)

I went to pick her up around 9PM, K looked stunning and was dressed very appropriately - she was wearing a skirt, stockings and a low cut top.

As soon as she got in the car I could tell the atmosphere was very sexual and tense. I was hard and K knew. It took 10 minutes to drive to the beach car park and I wanted to get K excited as I have known about her beach sex dream for years. For most of the journey I was rubbing the front of her knickers with my left hand - I could hear her moaning very quietly and softly as I drove.

After a few minutes of this K had the biggest grin on her face, She was wet and wanting me inside her. My hand was absolutely soaked and so was the car seat! K had a lot to give tonight.

I parked the car and looked at K, she was holding her knickers in her hands and smiling at me, she placed them in the glove box. I was throbbing and could smell the strong scent of K's vaginal juices. This was going to be a good night!

We held hands and walked into the wooded area before the beach. I could still smell K's juices fairly strongly, this just got me harder and harder. We walked into the darkness and found a nice secluded area. It was under the cover and darkness of trees and the ground was very soft and sandy. We sat down and began kissing.

We started things slowly, kissing for a while and getting used to our surroundings. I slowly and gently started caressing K's breasts and then moved my right hand down towards her vagina. I started again where I left off in the car and slowly and very gently started rubbing and ticking her clit. I wanted to tease K and get her really wanting me. As i was doing this I felt K unbuttoning my jeans and slipping her hand down my boxer shorts. She started playing with the head of my penis, teasing me by rubbing the foreskin backwards and forwards over the head. I felt a little cum leek out.

We both wanted needed it. I pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down and K carefully climbed on top of me - still with her skirt on. I wasn't finished, I started rubbing the head of my penis up and down her vagina, paying a lot of attention to the clit. She was still moaning softly as K does when shes really really turned on.

I entered her. K did most of the work thrusting me in and out of her. She started slowly at first and as the time past she started to squeeze her legs and thighs against me and increased the pace. She was enjoying this and it was her night. She then brought her hand down and started rubbing her clit, the moaning increased. I could feel the juices leaking out of her and onto my legs.

I started thrusting harder and harder and I could feel K's legs getting tighter and tighter - she was shaking and could not control her movements. We were both bordering on orgasm. I felt K's pelvis start to shake and she let out a long soft moan. As I heard this I violently blew my load into her. By now she was squeezing so hard it was starting to become painful!

K eased the tightness of her legs off and we just lay there for a few minutes. We had finally done what K had always wanted and I was relieved we didn't get caught!

As I pulled out there were juices everywhere! I didn't know what was cum and what was K's juices! We grabbed a few wipes and cleaned ourselves up.

I pulled my pants up and we sat next to each other and began talking. We both had really enjoyed the night. I could see a huge smile beaming across K's face.

Hand in hand we walked back to the car, K pulled her knickers out the glove box, slid them back on and I took her home. We kissed goodnight and I drove back to mine.
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