Seven Things I Learned After Becoming Sexually Active.

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I just wrote this out of boredome. Some of the points are pretty obvious and this whole blog might be misguided. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I'm relatively new to the world of sex, having only four or so years under my belt and six notches on my bedpost. I'm no expert, but I've learned enough to know that...

No Woman is the Same...
And by extension, no man is either. Secret moves and signature thrusts that drive one partner of yours wild may leave another cold. Sex for me has become a more personalized experience over the years because I wish to be the absolute best for any woman I become involved with, yet I know that...

You Will Never Be Everybody's Ideal Partner...
I had a girlfriend for a year and a half, and we were a perfect match sexually. Neither of us were ever unsatisfied with each other, as we just seemed to be perfect jigsaw puzzle pieces for each other in that regard. Then I met another woman who absolutely embarrassed me, and proved that I just wasn't the right fit for her.

Sex for the Sake of Sex is Very Hard to Do...
At least it was for me; when I have sex, I like to experience somebody's body and get lost in it all. That's how I get my pleasure; by feeling like I learned something about my partner's body. This means that I usually find myself very strongly attached to said partner by the end of the experience.

Losing One's Virginity is Almost Always Terrible:
I lost my virginity at a campsite, while terribly drunk, with a partner who demanded more, even though she eventually vomitted into her sleeping bag because of the sickening motion. Nobody's first time is ideal, be it embarrassingly short or terrifyingly tense, rarely do you hear of somebody being entirely satisfied by their first encounter.

Don't Expect your Partner Not to Kiss and Tell...
I'm actually a bit turned on when a partner brags about me to her friends, and I've had enough compliments about my prowess and endowment to be completely comfortable with myself. Unfortunately, girls and guys do talk, and it's not always flattering. Try and take this in stride.

Usually People Have Sex With You For A Reason...
I find it repulsive when a guy will talk of a woman after he had sex with her as if he "conquered" her. As if it weren't bad enough to prove to this woman that she was wrong to trust him, the men who do this seem to have the idea that everybody is completely aware of their little song and dance and anybody who falls for it is an idiot. I also find it ironic that these men deem having sex with themselves an insult to the other person's taste.

Everybody Needs to be a Little Less Terrified of Sex...
At least in the Americas. When you play a video game now a days, you'll see plenty of gore all over the screen, but the moment sex is discussed in a game, the media loses it's collective mind and calls it a "sex simulator." Fox news especially throws around this word, as if having sex were a bad thing, and much worse than the viseral acts of violents that the "children" (I put children in quotation marks because violent games aren't marketed to children) commit through their virtual counterparts. Violence is less demonized than the act of taking a relationship to it's natural and logical conclusion, and that is absolutely a travesty in my eyes.
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