Rules of "Engagement"

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Over the years, as Bunnie and I improved (and continue to improve) our sex life through better and more direct communication, we (primarily me, to be truthful) came up with a fun set of "rules" that we try to apply on a daily basis, to keep the passion and lust active between us.

These rules are neither "obligations" nor meant to "force" either of us into doing something that we do not enjoy. They are one way that we celebrate our sexuality, how much we want to share that sexuality joyfully with each other, and how we try to keep the sex fun. In real life I try to follow the philosophy of not taking myself too seriously. Coming up with these rules was one way to continue maintaining that stance from a sexual perspective. When I first started developing them, Bunnie thought they were hilarious and silly. However, she would keep asking me if she was "keeping within my rules", and eventually she added a few of her own.

We do keep the complete list in a document on our private computer. Every so often we get a kick of just reviewing it and seeing which rules we have been faithfully adhering to, and which ones we have forgotten. Just discussing the list is a turn on.

Here is a "sweet sixteen" of the rules to share - one or more might be inspirational to others:

1) If we will be in the house alone for more than 2 hours, or we have retired to our bedroom for the evening, Bunnie must be either bottomless or wear a skirt/dress with no underwear.

2) When we go out on formal dates Bunnie must:
- wear crotchless or suspender stockings/pantyhose under her dress/skirt
- go commando or wear a thong.

3) I must fondle Bunnie's tits/ass/pussy at least once a day.

4) Bunnie must fondle my cock/ass at least once a day.

5) Bunnie must wake we up with her "pussy alarm" (sitting on my face) at least once a week.

6) If I doze off watching TV in the family room in the evening. Bunnie can wake me up with her "pussy alarm".

7) If I am in the bedroom when Bunnie comes of out the shower, I must dry her tits and pussy with my tongue.

8) If Bunnie is in the bedroom when I come out of the shower, she must dry off my cock with her tongue.
- The allowable exception is if I come out of the shower and find Bunnie in the doggy style position, spreading her ass cheeks wide, in which case I can start fucking her like that.

9) Whenever we play a game or sport where we are competing against each other, we each make a sexual wager.The loser must perform the sexual wager of the winner within 24 hours.

10) In place of eating desert for a meal I can eat Bunnie's pussy.

11) When I am working from home and Bunnie is helping me, she must wear a "slutty" outfit (micro mini dress/skirt, no underwear, crotchless stockings and high heels - or a jacket, crotchless bodystocking, and high heels). She must also be prepared to suck my cock during work "breaks".

12) If she watches a sports game with me she must wear something that makes it easy to for me fondle her tits/pussy/ass. During commercial breaks I might suck her tits or eat her pussy. We will fuck during halftime, and again "(based on my recovery time) at the end of the game.

13) When I take sexually explicit pictures of her I must be bottomless, so that she can focus on my cock, which adds to her excitement during the picture shoot.

14) When I go away for an overnight business trip, we must have sex just before I leave. During that trip I am not to masturbate. However, upon my return, as soon as we are alone we either fuck or Bunnie sucks me, and I must cum somewhere on her so that see can see, feel, and taste how much I stored up for her.

15) When we go away on vacation, just the two of us, at least one day/night will be "movie time", when we will record at least one scenario. I am responsible for packing any outfits I want her to wear for the movie (she likes to be surprised like that).

16) If it is raining Saturday morning and any early morning plans we had are canceled, we will 69 with each other until we both cum before we get out of bed.
Violation of any of the rules allows the "victim" to find the "violator" and thrust their genitalia in the violators face, which the violator must service for at least 5 minutes. Many times it is the violator who points out their transgression and is eagerly ready to perform the service. With these type of rules, it is fun to debate who benefits more - the one keeping the rules, or the one caught breaking them. :phat
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