Roleplaying: Fantasies (with some Realities)

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So, what seems like a very long time ago - we call our life BK (before kids) and AK (after kids) - the wife and I were rather adventurous, as one might expect without the worries of having to contain ourselves (noise level, location, frequency) when it came to sex. It was then that we would play out certain fantasies, which evolved into some roleplays. Some we talked about we did; others are still on the list of unfulfilled (for a very loooong time now!). With nothing changing "AK", I've decided to share the RP fantasies...

1. Photographer
I'm a photographer who’s been hired by a lonely housewife to take a few pictures. As the session progresses, I manage to convince her to loosen up a bit, even getting her to remove her jeans for a few erotic shots. As I click away with my camera, I tell her which poses to do and her how sexy I think she looks. The words begin to cause something inside of her to stir and she allows herself to show more skin - taking off her top to show off her bra, then pulling down the cups to reveal her breasts and erect nipples, until she is only in her panties. I finish the session and show her the pictures I took. I describe how hot she looks and she notices my arousal. Before she knows it, she's started to kiss me. My hands have a mind of their own and I remove the last bit of clothing before turning her into a position so I can lick her pussy. My tongue and lips have the desired effect and the urges become too much for her - she begs to suck my cock, which she does with great enthusiasm and licks and sucks in a way that she never had for her husband. Soon enough, she mounts my cock and begins riding me deep and hard. She cums all over my cock before my own urges reach a peak. I flip her over, straddle her and stroke myself before cumming all over her mouth and tits. I watch her lick me clean and then ask her when our next session will be.



The wife is a high-end fashion photographer who has hired a male model to take pictures of her client’s new clothing line. As she snaps away with her camera, she begins to have some very unprofessional thoughts about me. She skips most of the shoot and tells me that she wants to do the underwear pics next. As she waits for me to change, she sits and steals a few rubs of her pussy, even slipping a finger inside to satisfy herself as best as she can. She resumes the session and finds it difficult to maintain her professionalism. As she leans in with the camera, the sight down her blouse of her bra barely containing her breasts causes me to harden. Seeing the bulge in my briefs, she can’t contain herself and approaches me, asking if I wouldn't mind doing some nude shots. She says they will be just for her, so she could use to masturbate. I refuse, but the thoughts have already done their work and the bulge grows larger. She doesn't help when she begins to touch, despite my protests. The feel of her breath on me, along with her hands, are too much for me and I give in. My hard cock in her hands awakens her desires and she pulls open her blouse and pulls ,e down to suck on her nipples. She never gives up control, as she directs me onto my knees to lick her wet pussy, and then to tongue-fuck her. After she cums, she instructs me to plow my cock into her pussy and fuck her hard, bringing her to two quick orgasms before she jumps down to her knees and sucks me off, capturing all of my hot cum on her tongue to swallow.

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