Remember, Remember- the 5th of November

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It's odd how much people from other countries know about the US of A. I couldn't tell you who Canada's prime minister is or who is in England's Parliament.

I try to listen to NPR news and BBC radio; but so much happens globally that it's difficult to get a firm grasp on what is going on in Haiti's civil/gorilla warfare, India, New Zealand, Greece's economy, China and Russia slowly moving toward Capitalism etc... But I have friends from each of those places who know about Sandy, Romney, etc.

It's an "aww shux" moment for me. Others, however, feel that it's only right that America's news is known by many around the world. I feel proud to be in a nation as popular (hated or loved) as America and I try not to take my blessings for granted. And not even on a global scale. I know that there are SO MANY people in the US who are far less fortunate as I am. Regardless if anyone reads this or not- I'm typing on an electronic device that others don't have. I feel entitled to the things that I own and my current lifestyle; but NOT the lifestyle I was raised in (the one that molded me). That is ALL ON ACCOUNT of awesome parents. "Spare the rod, spare the child." Some agree, many disagree; but I turned out just fine (and I'll be honest- I deserved every whooping I got).

Anyways- this is composed in a less official manner (in comparison with my other blogs) because I'm happy to be American. I'm happy to be alive. And I'm happy to have the facets of my life that I have.
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