Redone Opening

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I realized that that Neil bit wasnt working, but was too stubborn to consider changing it until now. I'ts still lacking in detail and too abreviated but we all gotta start somewhere. I like this opening much better!

[overhead shot of Kermit walking alongside the road]
[the overhead shot tracks slowly as kermit approaches a fenced in cemetary]
[the camera continues as kermit raises his hand from his pocket revealing an iPOD]
[it stops and focuses as his green finger presses a button below a display that says Pantera: Cemetary Gates]
[with a sigh kermit produces a bolt cutter, and cries while he breaks into the cemetary]
[kermit opens hte gates and it reveals a massive echosystem of trees and birds and grave stones]
[kermit with hands in pockets strolls around]
[sweeping shot of Mister Hooper's grave]
[swing POV shot to John Henson's grave]
[stays steady and reveals Richard Hunt's grave]
Kermit Inner Monologue: Of All The Ones Who Left best friend had to go yet that greasy slap of ribs is still

alive. WHy!?!?! or why must Jimmy die while that fat pig still lives...
[Kermit hears shuffling behind him]
[Kermit turns, a vaguely familar form appears but obscured by shadows]
Kermit: HELLO!
[no answer]
[no answer]
[the shuffled figure comes into range]
[Richard Nixon snarls]
[Kermit walks back but trips and stumbles]
Kermit: Stand back im your friend!
[Richard Nixon ignores him]
[Gonzo arrives in his zombie mobile and fires at the Richard Nixon zombie]
\Gonzo: get in!
Kermit: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! [runs screaming in]
[Gonzo rushes out in his van accidently knocking over a tombstone, the camera zooms in and reveals it belongs to John

Kermit: Thanx for saving me from that zombie
Gonzo: Zombie? I didn't know Nixon was dead!
Gonzo: Ever since i saw that movie on late night tv..i knew this day was coming...ever since I saw Jack Ass: The Movie. I

knew the world was gonna end in a Zombie Apocopylse
(On screen title: so you know i am, it’s the opening)

[exterior shot of Gonzo racing across town with CHICKS RULE! as a roof sticker]
[dawn of the dead theme by goblin playing]
Gonzo: I had seen this before....on i had to race out and save all my freinds!
Kermit: WHAT?!
[Gonzo turns down the Dawn of the Dead theme from his stereo]
Gonzo: Never mind but we need to pick up everyone who isn’t already a zombie! Even Miss Piggy!
Kermit: Why the fuck didn’t you just let her die!
Gonzo: I’d just kill her later and bite into her than have her bite into me
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