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I never was into the whole sex thing. Yeah i had sex as a teenager but so was everyone else around me. It was just the thing to do. I didnt know anything about the female anatomy. I didnt even know i had another hole i pee out of until i was 16. I thought i peed out of my clit. Some sex ed we had!. I was always into masturbation. It was just me, i didnt have to prove anything to anybody. I could pleasure myself without worrying how i felt to someone else. I lost my virginity at 15. The guy was 18. He wasnt very clean as i remember trying to give him a blowjob and he had white shit all over his balls and he smelled. This turned me off of bjs for 14 years. I never wanted to experience that again. Very horrible. I met my husband when i was 17. We had our firs sexual experience soon after. We got married 2 years later.
Fast forwards to now, we have had bumpy roads.weve never tried different things as the result of my lack of willingness. I was a pretty selfish lover. I admit. I never learned how to have pleasure during sex. I just thought we did it and that was that. We have 7 children. And just now like 3 weeks ago i just had this urge to do more. Of course my husband is always up for more. I have never had my pussy eaten, after 12 years of him asking me to let him, i finely opened up.i let him try. I was afraid of smelling bad and looking like a train wreck with all the kids ive pushed out of me. He reasured me that i looked great down there and he really liked the way i taste. That was that. He been eating me out almost every day since. He loves it. I love it. I cant believe i waited this long to let him. 29 years old and just now getting with the program. Remember i hadnt tried blowjobs since my last incounter. But i got the courage to try. Hes been working so hard with me. Making aure my needs are met. I figured i can try my best and if i still didnt like it i would just leave it at that. Well. To my surprise, his dick didnt smell and it was pretty clean. He shaves which was really nice. I absolutely love giving head now. I love hearing him moan with satisfation. It turns me on more, hell it turns me on just writing about it now. We have been reading and trying to find newnthings to do. We have recently found out that(yes we are very behind) women can ejaculate. I am wanting to learn how to relax so i can achieve this. I just get so damn confused. Iveread you need to push when
you feel the urge to pee and just try and relax and let everything go. I just dont undrlerstand what i am suppose to do. Ive tried pushing. Nothing. So its our goal to try to get me to ejaculate. The sex has been the best sex ive ever had.
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