"Want to feel my wife?"

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I know I posted this in a thread a while back but...

Here is another fantasy of mine...

My wife and I are at a beach (or a park, some place public).... She is wearing something without a belt or buckles...like bikini bottoms or stretchy shorts...

We walk up to a guy...probably a good looking fellow... And I ask him, "Can I show you something?"
"Sure." He's curious...
So I reach down and pull the front of my wife's bottoms down exposing her sweet little shaved mounds to him.
I let him have a good look.
"What do you think?"
Allow him to comment.
"Want to feel her?" I ask. "Go ahead. Really."
He reaches down and touches my wife's exposed lips.
I let him feel her real good.
"Feel up inside" I'd tell him.
He'd stick his figures up inside my wife. Feeling her wetness.
I imagine he'd compliment. "very nice" or something like that.
I'd thank him for giving me a moment of his time. Then we'd part ways.

I'd have to take my wife somewhere and fuck her good after that.


Please feel free to comment. Comments and or questions are very welcome, and encourage me to post more! :)
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