Playing with pressure; meeting pleasure

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Ok good news. Ive done some reading and decided to go back and revisit/do/get done a lot of touch in variety of forms with my GF. In short, see more what touch im comfortable with and what im not comfortable with. And to understand how different types of touch feel and widen my horizon on the sensations. Its been very rewarding. Im thinking that i never really experienced a proper touch escalation with a girlfriend and maybe went straight for the meat instead of a natural process of non sexual and sexual touching over a period of time. No matter what - this was a good choice.

1) i have done playful exercises like drawing on my girlfirend and she on me to add playfulness into our touching.
2) weve done a lot of just touching and sensing, nonsexual and sexual
3) i dont see ejaculation as the goal at all and often we dont care if im erect or not.
4) sometimes i go for entering her but there is no speed nor stress on this
5) if i flattn i just pull out, change position and typically i rise again.

what i feel has happened is that im more in touch with my inner reactions to touch and stimuli. I have felt sensations in my cock that are really fantastic and have gained a key understanding that i need some pressure on my cock to get turned on. a wet mouth with a loose tounge is not enough for me. I need to feel those lips and the pressure. Inside her i need to get the angles right so that there is some touching of her walls etc.

Ive been very close to orgasm both in her mouth and pussy yesterday. But i did not eant to go for it as its not the goal.

IM not keeping erect fully but when i loose it i can just take it out, new posiiton and then the turn on is back.

ive played with different forms of touch, angles etc. and it has definitely helped. Main thing is that i need quite some pressure on my dick to feel sensations.

The good thing is that it seems that there are so many ways to get this with touch, sucking and vaginal and that i can experience so many forms of stimulation that its fantastic. Just different graps of the cock, either tip, root, base or other just makes all the difference in the world.

I guess im meeting pleasure....

still not fully confident or perhaps a bit anxiety driven but i just continue with this touch and go and experiencing new forms of bodily sensitivy and pleasure and im sure it will slowly transform.

Very nice:phat
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