Perfect, Not Perfect

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Ok, so I'm a little annoyed today..​

I've been reading the majority of the posts here, even though I don't comment on all of them. I've come to some conclusions, opinions, judgements, whatever you want to call them.​

We are all here for our own reasons. To meet others in the same situations, to let out the good and bad in our lives that is not so easily done at home, to build our self-esteem, friendship, sexual frustrations, fantasies, opinions and the list goes on!​

So why the need for some to have that perfect- almost God complex? That life is absolutely perfect and I've got an answer for absolutely everything.. Sometimes there is some good insite, but other times it just seems like you are bull shitting your way through an answer. Pretty shallow is what I think.​

Some people are looking for serious answers and others are just looking to have some fun. Why not be totally honest and have fun? ​

No one is perfect. ​
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