BiHubby Sep 4, 2016
I am lucky in that i have a wife who is open to sex and alows me to explore new and unusual think, with both men and women.
I so enjoy exploring new and kinky avenues of sexual release, open to just about everything with my only hard limits i have found so far being children of corse, scat ot shit play, and extream pain,blood play.
Things i have tried
As a Dom only and only with women
1. Bondage
2. Lite S&M and discipline
3. Play piercing ( that was at sub request) was fun
3a. Subnote i was trained as a body piercer for over a year.
Things i have done as a Sub with men only
1. Forced crossed dressing
2. Sounding /pee hole play
3. My introduction to water sports
3a. Was surprised how erotic this could be!!!!!☺️
4. Humilation and degradation
5. The introduction of Alchole anally
5b. I know how dangerous this can be. The first time i was bound and had given my self to my dom he had experince at this and let me tell you what a ride and freeing experince it was.
6. Anal sex with a man
6a. I have only done this once and with one dom,it was enjoyable and i look forward to doing it again with the right dom.

Things i have done with men and women.
1. Group sex mfm,mmf,fmf.mfmf
2 water sports
2a. Both giving and reciveing with women
2b. Reciving only with men
3. Sounding pee hole play
3a. Proforming in front of both men and women
3b. Limited do it to others both men and women.
I have had teo near death experexperiene in my life they both changed my out look. I use to be homophonic and very judge mental sexualy. But I have found life is to short not to enjoy it (try new things)
As long as it condensing adults it is all good. Not every fetish is for everyone but why judge them for being diffrent.
This is one of the biggest problems in the world wether it be religion, or sexual orientation most feel the needs to judge thoes who differ from us. This does not mean that threw religion you have the rights to repress or event harm others. Nore does it mean we most openly embrase eachothers differences. IE alowing trandgenders or transsexuales to use oppeset sex bathrooms. If they are passables just use them and know one will know. But bay making it law how and who will enforce the diffrence between a transgender/sexual using a rest room or a colage kid or sicko putting on a dress just to get in to a womens room?
Well now i will step down frome my sope box.
Pleas if you have thoughts ideas or questions give me a shout.
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