Out on the bike

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well that was unexpected!!! I knew bike riding was a good way to lose weight, never knew I'd get a fantastic fuck out of it too!!!!
So there I am just riding down the cycle path, now miles away from civilization. I stop to rehydrate myself, when out of the corner of my eye I see something. Curiosity getting the better of me I wander over and have a look in the bushes but there’s nothing there.I turn to return to my bike, when there's a snap as a branch breaks. Stopping I turn back around and there you are, slightly disheveled, wearing only panties (very damp), thigh high boots & a long coat folded over your arms concealing your breasts. Another crack of wood and a male follows you, again looking rather disheveled...
A flash of embarrassment runs across my face before you smile and say 'don't be embarrassed, we could use your help...'

I gulp and you approach me, your hands going straight for my crotch, rubbing it sensually, before you turn to the male, who is clearly your husband and asking for permission. He smiles at us, so you proceed to unzip my shorts, and tease my cock whilst still caged in my briefs. You lick over the fabric as my cock awakens, before you push them to one side to begin eating my cock.Your mouth is so warm and inviting that my cock grows to its full length quickly. You slow down the pace a little before, replacing your mouth with a hand as hubby wanders over, cock in hand which you then begin to wank too…
It’s not long before you’re taking it in turns to suck us both off, even sucking both at once but it’s a little crowed for you so you concentrate on hubby. As he fires his first load of cum you greedily swallow it, continuing to wank me at the same time, slowly to ensure I don’t cum until you want me too. After you’ve swallowed all over hubbies cum you concentrate on my cock, expertly using your tongue up and down my shaft whilst gently squeezing my balls…
A finger penetrates my anus and I cum hard, squirting a large amount of cum all over your face. You swallow as much as you can before wiping what’s on your face onto your fingers, greedily cleaning your hand up.
Relieved at this experience I pull up my shorts ready to carry on with my ride. You pull me back toward you saying ‘where d’ya think you’re going. We’re not done with you yet!”
“Err...ok” I reply. “Let me chain my bike up first though, hate it to be stolen!”I find a good tree to the side of the path and chain it up, before I make my way back toward you both. Hubby & you are both deep in discussion, as I approach an evil grin flashes across both of your face. I wonder what that was about I think to myself…
We all make our way deeper into the woodland until we come to a small clearing. I can tell you’ve both been busy here already as there’s a blanket, cushions & lube already here. I look at you both knowingly, aware of what is about to happen. This is my kind of bike ride!!
Taking my hand you lead me to the blanket before lying my down as you rub my cock, to resurrect it from its slumber, hubby sat on the side, playing with his cock.As requested I lie down as you place your breasts in my face, urging me to suck on your erect nipples. Who am I to argue against such a request??? I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking on it gently, whilst my free hand tweaks your other nipple. Your hands rub my dick until it’s fully alert again, before you impale yourself on my pole….
You cunt is so wet that you slide up and down me with ease, your muscles squeezing tight around me, bringing me to the edge of climax before easing off. I thrust deep inside you as we find our rhythm and begin to fuck each other.
Out of the corner of my eye I see hubby approach you. Positioning himself behind you, he slides his hard cock into your ass. As he enters you buck a little on my cock, before readjusting yourself. All three of us then sync into a steady rhythm as you are now fucked in your tight ass & sopping wet cunt for a good while….
Our rhythm is so good that we all begin to climax together. You cum first, your juices soaking me, then I cum deep inside you, before finally hubby fills your ass with his cum. Exhausted I lie on the blanket, my mid racing as I comprehend what’s just taken place.Bringing me back to focus you stand above me, telling me to ‘eat the cream pies’.It’s then that I realize what you were discussing. I’ve never tasted cum before so I’m a little uneasy, but my state of sexual arousal overcomes this so I hungrily start to lick from cunt to ass, eating you out and taking as much cum as I can. Tastes a little funny at first but I soon get used to it as I devour you. Sliding my tongue deep inside your cunt first, before tonguing your ass and ensuring you’re as ‘clean’ as I can get you…

Once you have cleaned up yourself, hubby begins to pack away the blanket etc. & I realize this has come to an end. I dress myself, before heading back to my bike to continue my journey. As I leave the clearing, hubby places a piece of paper in my hand & whispers “see you soon mate”…
As I return to my bike I study the paper. It has your phone number and address on it…I[PG1] guess next time we meet the surroundings will be a little different.

I mount my bike and make my way home, the biggest dumb grin on my face I’ve had in a while. Now THAT was a ride!!!
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