Our new neighbors

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I was thrilled when I met the young couple who purchased the house next to ours..
I was in the driveway washing my corvette when the moving company arrived.
They where younger very outgoing and he was very handsome.
His wife had a similar build as myself..
And we quickly hit it off.
I quickly invited them over for a bbq and swim Friday night.

We hit it off well despite the twenty year age difference.
I had on a sheer bikini keeping everyone's eyes on me while I showed them around the house..
She was intrigued with my husband's Harley and he requested to drive my corvette sometime..
A few hours into our get together my husband announced that I rarely wear a bikini as he pulled the back of bikini top partially exposing my tits..
I stood waiting on reaction when everyone started clapping so I removed it shaking my breasts for our company . Within a few minutes she joined me and we kind of paired off.
I stood in the shallow end of the pool with our new neighbor.
I let my nipples brush his chest wanting to kiss him..
My husband sat on the diving board with his wife..
The tension filled the air as I asked my husband if we needed more wine..
He suggested I was a good time to let our new neighbor dive me to the liquor.
Let's go.
I began drying off and removed my we bikini bottom before I realized we had company.
I stood nude in front of everyone..
All of the sudden his wife jumped up removed her bottoms and said who needs wine to fuck.
Isn't that what we all really want to do.
She walked directly up to me and have me a big hug..
My I spent some time getting to know your husband?
Yes I answered .My I spend some with yours?
She kissed me and said yes..
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