Oh my god oh my god oh my god

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I just got some AMAZING news today folks. I just got word in on my financial aid! I make about 1,500 a month on my GI Bill, though previously most of it went to tuition. My financial aid is going to cover me for just over 6k a year (I pay around 7500 a year for tuition)! I've also been told I still can use my Chapter 30 GI Bill with the FA! Granted, I have to pay back those loans, but not until I'm out of school in a few years. This means that I have one month's worth of GI Bill that goes to tuition a year, and the rest I can use however I need (Note, need).

This means I could probably get my license, get a car, and be able to afford to move by spring at the latest! I checked as well on those expenses, and a vehicle/place to live/food are all considered educational expenses (It is rather hard to do school without a roof over my head or without food in the stomach).

I can't even begin to describe just how goddamn excited and elated I am. It's hard to believe that just a bit ago I was downing sleeping pills I was so miserable. Now I finally have a way to move on in life, and really get going with what I need to do.

I'm literally in tears right now, trying not to get paint on my face (My hands are covered in paint from working on the shed while it's dry out).

Finally, I catch a break *happy tears*
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