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Ok, things are moving. A few updates:
- Im doing Body SDS to release tension in my body enabling better flow and body feel.
- Ive started dreaming about sex which is good i guess. shows things are moving
- Today i had quick sex w my GF. Initiation w kissing and moving around close, touchign ripping each others clothes on etc. My dick was fully erect all through foreplay. entering her was great, she was on top leaning in close to me her breast aagin my body. My dick was stiff and i massaged her pussy with it. She Grinded me, very sexy and let it slide in. It felt good. i was stiff all the way. But Here the problem starts - i feel nothing inside her in my dick. its like ive stuck my dick into a ball of water. No friction/pressure on my dick makes it loose erection. We hump but with flaccid dick its not really doing anything. i slide out, turn her over and go back to make up. bam - erection up again in 10 sec. She can easily give me hand job and i stay erect but it seems when i enter her and with blow jobs i loose erection. So im wondering if i just need harder stimulus/pressure and that her sucking and pussy doesnt really give me that as is. Or if my entry into her is the thing that clicks my autoreactions to go passive. It feels nice that it might be something as simple as proper pressure. Im thinking different positions might help this while still sensing my arousals and bodily turnons.

So a few things i will do
- Sexual sensations sessions with my GF for her - letting her stimulate me freely to get the pleasure response awakened
- I wanna try some specific positions to see if entering her with those will give better stimulus
- I wanna talk to some people about what i experience.
- Continuous feeling while masturbating and just infeel in sexual energies
- imagine sex- i feel resistance here- its hard to focus

moving on!
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