New year's eve.

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The bourbon was starting to kick in as you slipped into your short, tight blue dress. We did this as a ritual every year instead of going out. Stay at home and spend the evening taking sexy pictures of you.

I readied the camera as the dress slipped deliciously over your petite, brown curves. Wriggling your hips and pulling it down over them, that dress was almost painted on. It was decided that you would not wear panties and I agreed of coarse. God you were beautiful, everything about you seemed so perfect.

Hard nipples showing through that second skin we called a dress, you picked up my guitar and posed with it. You bent over to reveal some soft ass, I was starting to stiffen a bit, shooting as many pictures as I could knowing I wasn't going to keep this up without taking you before long.

Turning around to face me, you cupped your sweet, perky breasts and made a kissing sound, your soft wet lips inviting me. I laughed and started to lose interest in taking pictures as you slowly turned it into a strip tease. I was fully hard and completely turned on when you walked over to me and got down on your knees.

"oh my god".....I muttered, anticipating what was next. You started to unzip my jeans as you rubbed the throbbing bulge I was dealing with, and deftly un-buttoning me. You reached into my briefs and grabbed my cock.....

"ohh honey...mmmm" purred, stroking me with your soft little hand, my aching dick still not released.

"honeyyy, you need my help" said, smiling.

"yes...yes I do"....I said weakly.

You always blew my mind, such a lusty charm you had. You were always such a sweet, fantastic lay, making me come so hard sometimes, I thought I would pass out.

You stroked me a few more times and adjusted your position, finally pulling my cock out much to my relief. Your sexy face looking up at me as you continued your slow stroking. My knees wobbled a little as you took me into your hot mouth....slowly swallowing most of me, your wet tongue flicking around my swollen head.

Your movements were so slow and pleasurable, your powty lips sliding up and down my now wet shaft. I felt my come start to rise, your tongue flicking around as I felt the sweet build up. You withdrew as I almost came, pausing to lick my throbbing boner.

I was almost drooling it was so fucking good, your lips working around my head. You moaned a little as I put my hand on the door jamb and you slowly swallowed me again. You started playing with my balls, gently kneading them as I felt the hot build up start again. I grunted as your tongue slid over my head, sending me closer to the close now.....

"baby.....almost ....almost"

Just as I was about to let go, you stopped and rose to your feet, grabbing my hand,dragging me to the bed. You pulled your dress off and bent over, perfect pussy, wet and ready.
I slid my hot cock into that sweet sex and began thrusting hard...I still was not far from coming and the wave was coming back fast.

Your head was buried in the bed as I fucked your tight pussy, every stroke calling a sea of sweet pleasure. I was right on the edge, hands gripping your round ass tighter as I felt the wave crest.

I thrust as deep as I could go as I sprayed gobs of hot come into your sweet cunt, smelling your sex in the air as I grunted with intense pleasure. I could feel you contract your already tight pussy, making it even tighter as I shot my load, heaving and almost buckling in ecstasy.

Staying deep inside you, pushing you into the bed, the last of my come spurted out of me and I was still. After coming back from that, I slowly pulled my satisfied cock out of your come filled pussy, wet with your sweet nectar and my spunk.

I breathlessly kissed your soft ass and rolled you over. I began kissing your legs, slowly moving up to kiss your pussy, belly, sweet tits waiting. I spent a few moments enjoying your perky titties before laying on you fully and kissing your perfect lips.

"I love you, sweet girl"
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