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Hi there. Iam new to the site and have been loving every minute of it I joined bc I have been having a flat spot. Iam in a relationship with the man of my dreams. We fell in love for one of the reasons were we were crazy sex animals and fucked any where at anytime. Very thrilling. And still till this day 3 yrs later iam still extremely sexually attracted to him. Just the simple touch of his hands on my body melts me. But latley (last 6 months) we have no spark? I usually have around 6-7 orgasms every time we have sex and lately iam lucky to have one? I can tell u his moves second by second that he is going to do b4 he does them now. B4 it was sex no less than 5 times a week but now iam lucky to have sex 2 times a month. He always has an excuse or just doesn't answer me or changes the subject. I need some help to add some extra super spice in out life. We have always talked about swingers, swapping,anal for him, video taping, and may other things and have never done any of those things. He doesn't act attracted to me in that same way of "omg I gotta fuck u now" like b4? So please help! Iam horny as freakin hell and I need the crazy fucked outta me soon. Iam so tired of masterbating by myself! Any help....guy or girl point of view! Thanks
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