my wife likes the idea of screwing another guy how can i talk her into it?

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Ok so my wife and I have kicked around the idea of her screwing another guy while I watch for a few years now. It is my top fantasy and I get super turned on thinking about it. See im in the military, and the first time I brought it up was through email because I was over seas. I asked her then if she would be into it and she said yes! We even went as far as me sending very dirty emails to her describing scenarios and situations. this REALLY turned her on she even sent the exact same emails back to me with her own ideas they were really steamy and graphic. one she even used one of my friends name that she has always found attractive. so after my deployment i came home and we had our first son and i didnt bring the situation up again of me wanting to see her with another guy until about a month ago and she seemed like she didnt really want to talk about it and reluctant. however she went to a passion party two days ago and bought a suction cup dildo and told me that it was for my fantasy that i have. that somewhat makes me believe that she is still into the idea.. anyone have advice on how i can get her on board with the idea? would it be worth a shot to send her one of our old email where shes talking about it?
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