My Wannabe List

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Just a random moment thinking up the ten women I'd most like to be: here it is, I'd be curious to hear what people think.

10. Gloria Borger, CNN. I know people get "work" done, and I know about makeup and airbrushing. But dang that woman is one hot 63 year old!! Love her ladylike mannerisms, classy wardrobe and sexy legs!!!

9. Rita Cosby, formerly of Fox and CNN. I'm a much bigger fan of the plus sized version of Rita, no pun intended.

8. Robin Meade, HLN. Legs and more legs.

7. Hillary Swank. She often plays tomboyish characters and is made to look plain. Plain or not, to me she has a certain sexiness to her.

6. Joan Jett. Petite, pretty, yet badass and charismatic. If you're in the crowd, and close enough to get a wink and a nod from her, I'm pretty sure you'll swoon. Plus I'm pretty sure she can kick your ass.

5. Belinda Carlisle. Plump or skinny, always a lady and always beautiful. And a good singer. Not great but a good voice.

4. Lady Gaga. Just plain freaking hot. And she has a killer voice. But just plain hot.

3. Jennifer Garner. What's not to like???

2. Sandra Bullock. All American girl next door with a killer butt and the prettiest face in Hollywood.

1. Erin Burnett. The news world's answer to Sandra. Could you get any more likable than Erin? Awesome curves. Sexy legs, teasing cleavage, a radiant smile. Seems like she has a fun personality too.
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